Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home sweet home...

I hope you had a wonderful long Labor Day weekend.  Gabriel and I have returned from our travels where we had a great time with family and were both thoroughly spoiled.

I don't know if I've mentioned before that Gabriel is not a world traveler and she's not very fond of the car either.  By that I mean, she hates to get in it and when I force her, she usually pays me back with copious amounts of puke all over the seats.  Unless Mr. Quilting Bug (aka her hero) is with us, then she's on her best behavior.  But for various reasons it's usually just the 2 of us, a bucket of vomit and a trunk full of cleaning supplies.

I hope I'm not being too graphic for you...

However she was really a perfect angel on the drive down this time.  Thank you Benadryl!  Until we actually arrived.  I brought her to play with my sister's new dog, but she was a pill to anything with a tail.  She was mean and cranky and generally out of sorts.  But with a lot of this...

Gabriel sleeping

and this...

Papa and Gabriel

she perked right up.  And by the next morning she was full of vip and vinegar and ready to take on this one...

Chance and his new collar

Chance was the reason I brought Gabriel down.  They played and played and then played some more.  My plan for Gabriel to drop a pound or two might have worked except I forgot to account for a certain someone's constant need to feed anything that breathes (aka my dad). 

 It's a hard place to be if you're looking to drop some weight.  Or even maintain your current weight.  In fact, it's always best to wear some stretchy pants when you visit.  Luckily, I know the score and packed appropriately.

So I spent the weekend visiting with my family, eating copious amounts of artery clogging food and I even spent a whole day with my mom cleaning out her sewing room.  I love organizing things.  And sewing.  And fabric.  And spending time with my mom.  (Not necessarily in that order.)  So I had a grand time.  And when we were done, we had even found room to hang a few of the wall hangings I've made her...

Mom's sewing room

It turned out to be one of those rare visits where I got to spend a lot of time one on one with each of my parents.  It doesn't happen that often and I really treasure those moments.  I know I'm so blessed to still have both of my parents with me and trust me, I don't take it for granted.

I'll leave you with one last picture from my trip.  This is my parent's cat, Cricket.  She's the momma to my Jack and Sam.

Cricket in the pantry

Until later...

"God is able to make all grace abound to you so that in all things at all times having all that you need you will abound in every good work."  
2 Corinthians 9:8 (NIV)

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