Thursday, September 30, 2010

CQ Update #6...

As a reminder, I wrote this post before I left for my quilting retreat so I'm hoping I have a lot more done than this.  But here's my current progress on the never ending Crazy Quilt block.
Crazy Quilt Block

I'm now working on the fence in the lower right hand corner.  I know I want to put lots and lots of roses all over the fence so I started by adding the base of the rose bushes using 3 strands of DMC floss and a stem stitch.  I then added half a dozen roses, but didn't like the look of them.  So I took them all out.  I added more branches in another color of floss and started over with my roses.  I have 3 done so far and this is how it looks...

Patch #6 - Rose bushes

Each rose is made using silk ribbon in either 4mm or 7mm and using the Spider Web Rose stitch.  I'm liking the look of this much better than before.  I'll continue to add at least another dozen roses in several shades of red silk ribbon.  And then I have plans to add a couple of charms to it as well.  Hopefully when I return from the retreat I'll have finished this patch and moved on to the Hydrangeas.

Until later...

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