Saturday, April 28, 2018

Holly Jolly Snowmen...

Recently I've been so busy machine quilting, I haven't been making anything new.  Now I've decided to take some time to piece in between FMQ, so I'm hoping that will change.  At night, however, I'm still slowly working on updating my Snowmen A to ZZZZ blocks.  As I mentioned before, I'm going back and adding red accents to each of the finished blocks.  There are 21 blocks and I'm a little more than halfway done with them.  Here are a few of the latest blocks I've finished...

I'm really liking the pop of color the red adds to the blocks and I'm still hoping to finish this quilt in time for Christmas.  Well, at least the top, my list of machine quilting projects is extremely long so I probably won't have time to quilt it myself this year.

In other news, Jack is a bit under the weather right now.  After a trip to the vet yesterday, we discovered she has a UTI.  Our sweet girl is on antibiotics and resting up.  Hopefully she'll be back to normal in no time.

Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of.” 
Luke 19:26 (MSG)