Monday, December 31, 2012

Gracie's Christmas Gift...

I wanted to be sure to share one last item before this year is over.  This is the quilt my 9-year old niece made for her mother for Christmas.

Gracie's Quilt
She got the quilt kit for her birthday this year and has worked on it with a little help from her Grandma and myself.  However, she did pretty much all of the sewing herself!

When she came to visit several weeks ago, she asked if I would quilt it for her so she could give it to her mom for Christmas.  Her and grandma had picked out a pretty lime green fleece for the backing (her mom's favorite color).  I did a simple large stipple on it and sewed on the binding.

The back of Gracie's Quilt
All of the fabrics on the front are flannels so the quilt is incredibly soft and warm.  It's only 42" x 51", but should be a nice size to cover a lap while watching TV.  My sister was very surprised and pleased when she opened it on Christmas Day.

I took this picture of Jack the other day and I'm amazed at how long her whiskers look.  It's not something I usually notice on her...

However you choose to celebrate tonight, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!  (I'll be in bed asleep long before the bell tolls...)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hatch and Windows...

Like most years, I worked on a couple of projects for Christmas.  Although to be honest, my list was much shorter than usual.  The biggest one is a quilt for my parents called Hatch and Windows.  (The lump in the picture is actually my cat Jack hiding underneath.)

Hatch and Windows Quilt
I actually finished this top back in August and it was supposed to by a QOV donation quilt.  (The pattern was Mystery 26 from the Yahoo Group Mystery Quilts 4 Military.)   However, my mom fell in love with it and kept petitioning me to give it to them.  After all, my father is a veteran and was injured while serving.

So I decided to give this one to them for Christmas and make a replacement one for QOV to donate.  I quilted this version using the Square Spirals pantograph by Keryn Emmerson.

Square Spiral Pantograph
I also used a bunch of the extra 4-patches from the quilt to make a label for the back...

Label for the back of the quilt
I managed to finish the binding just two days before Christmas!  They were pretty surprised when they opened it and I know they'll enjoy it and get good use out of it.  It will actually be the quit my Dad uses while watching TV.

I've also made good progress on the replacement quilt and have all the components units made.  Hopefully I'll have the top completed in another day or two.  I'm doing this one in blues and browns...

Block Units for Replacement Quilt
So the stats for this quilt are:
  • Size: 63" x 75"
  • Fabrics: Batiks from my stash
  • Batting: Warm & White
  • Thread: Aurifil (piecing), Superior Thread So Fine (quilting)
  • Pattern: Mystery 26 (Hatch and Windows) from the Yahoo Group Mystery Quilts 4 Military
  • Quilting: Square Spiral pantograph by Keryn Emmerson (32 passes and 5 bobbins)
  • Started: January 2012
  • Completed: December 2012
  • Recipient: Dad and Mom

Here's someone who thoroughly enjoyed Christmas -particularly the Christmas Tree!  She slept under it, played under it and ate a great deal of it.  As Mr. Quilting Bug put it, we had a very festive litter box in December.  Unfortunately, she also threw up a great deal of it.  She wasn't smart enough to figure out that eating it made her sick and she kept going back for more...

Sam under the Christmas Tree (aka dinner)
Until later...
Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” 
Philippians 1:6 (NIV)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I pray that as Christmas Day quickly approaches, you're spending it with loved ones in warm and happy surroundings.

This year more than any other though, I'm reminded that this season can be a hard one for some people.  If that's you, I pray for God's peace to rest on you and help you through it.

For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 
Isaiah 9:6 (NLT)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gracie's Quilt...

Several weeks ago, I shared a picture of the quilt my mom made for my nephew (and that I helped quilt.)  This is the slightly smaller purple version she made for my niece.  (I know it looks kind of blue in the picture, but it's ALL purple.)

This one is only about 70" x 87", because she has a smaller bed.  My goal was to have it quilted by Thanksgiving when they came to visit.  Although I'm only now getting around to sharing pictures, I did have it finished in time!

I used a new pantograph on this one.  It was very labor intensive, but I love how it looks on this quilt.  Unfortunately, I don't know the name of it or where I got it from.  (It's been sitting in my drawer for a long time and there's no writing on it so I can't remember the details!)

Once my mom finishes sewing the binding to the back, my niece will have a new quilt for her bed - and in her favorite color!

Moses kept me company while I worked on Gracie's quilt.  (You can see it on the frame in the background.)  She's lying on a stack of quilts still waiting their turn to be quilted.  Every time I'd come down to that end of the quilt, she'd rub up against me, begging to be petted.  It made for some slow going!

Moses - My sewing buddy
Until later...

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people. 
Colossians 3:23 (TEV)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Going smaller...

When I went on our annual quilt retreat last month to Williamsburg, I really struggled with which projects to work on.  There's a king-size patriotic one I'm in the middle of and I also need to paper piece a Lone Star quilt.  However, this time I decided to go smaller.  Instead of spending all of my time on one large project, I'd work on a bunch of little ones and get more instant gratification.  It was definitely the right call this trip!

This is one of those projects.  It will either be a table topper or a small wallhanging and is around 30" square.    The whole project only took one charm pack, sashing and border fabric, and an afternoon to piece together.  The fabric is Collections For a Cause - Hope by Howard Marcus and the pattern is Dora by Me & My Sister Designs.

I've already prepared the backing for this as well so it's ready for me to quilt (as soon as I find the time.)  Because this only took an afternoon, I was able to work on a bunch more projects while I was away.  I'll try to share some more of them soon.

Until later...

Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock. 
Isaiah 26:4 (NLT)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a day of good food spent with friends and family.  I'm thankful for so many things and hopeful you also had a blessed day! 

I managed to finish these table runners/hot pads last night - just in time to use for the Thanksgiving meal.  Not only were they festive, but because they were insulated, practical as well.

New table runner and pot holders
 Due to an unfortunate coffee spill, I already know they wash up really well too!

Until later...
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the God of gods.
His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the Lord of lords:
His love endures forever.
To him who alone does great wonders,
His love endures forever. 
Psalm 136:1-4 (NIV) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Robbie's Quilt...

Earlier this summer, my mom made two quilts, a blue one for my nephew and purple for my niece.  Since they're fairly large quilts, I offered to help her quilt them.  I've already finished with my nephew Robbie's quilt...

It was hard to get a good picture of it because it's almost 90" square.  I used the Square Spiral Pantograph by Keryn Emmerson.  (That's definitely my go to pantograph.)

Square Spiral Pantograph by Keryn Emmerson
I'm in the middle of quilting my niece's quilt right now and hope to finish it before Thanksgiving.  I'm using a much more time consuming (but very pretty) pantograph on it.

I'm sure my niece and nephew are going to love the new quilts that Grandma made them!

Until later...

Fire goes out without wood, and quarrels disappear when gossip stops. 
Proverbs 26:20 (NLT)

Monday, November 12, 2012

I is for Icicles...

Still alive here.  I've even written a dozen blog entries in my head.  Unfortunately someone hasn't yet invented the technology to transport them directly from my thoughts to the computer!

However, I'm happy to report that during my long absence I've been spending quite a bit of time in my sewing room.  I also got to spend 5 days with some really lovely women at a quilt retreat in Williamsburg, Va.  Fortunately, the retreat fell the week before Hurricane Sandy decided to make her visit to the East Coast.  (I'm still praying for all those recovering from her aftermath as well as the Nor'easter that followed.)

That means I've got lots of quilty goodness to share, so I'll start with the next Snowmen A to ZZZZ block.  (These patterns are by Crabapple Hill Studios and is an ongoing project that both my mom and I are working on - although she's much further ahead!)
I is for Icicles
There are a total of 21 embroidery blocks in this quilt and this is number 8.  So really, I'm almost halfway done.

Closeup of Block I
When I was packing for the recent quilt retreat, I think David wanted to go with me.  He's my sewing buddy and probably thought I'd need his help!  (He's considerate like that.)

David in my suitcase
Until later...

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NLT)

Friday, October 5, 2012

H is for Holly Berries...

So I've finished another Christmas embroidery.  These seem to be stitching up so quickly (much faster than hand applique).

Another 'Snowmen A to ZZZZ' Block
I'm really enjoying working on these while watching the new slate of fall TV shows.  Our favorites right now are Last Resort, Revolution and Ben & Kate.  We've also been watching the local and presidential debates, but not a lot of stitching goes on during those!  We're too busy 'discussing' them to concentrate on anything else.

Closeup of 'H' Block
Moses, on the other hand, has no interest in TV or politics.  She turns her attention to more important things, such as finding the best napping spot.  Recently, she's been hanging out in the dirty clothes basket.  She wasn't too pleased to be disturbed from her slumber for pictures though...

Moses napping in the laundry
I hope you have a wonderful weekend wherever you are!  I'm hoping to spend a good bit of mine sewing.

Until later...

So if we have enough food and clothing, let us be content. 
1 Timothy 6:8 (NLT)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Grandpa's Quilt...

I started this back in May with the hope of finishing it within the month.  Fast forward four months and I've finally completed and mailed off this quilt to my Grandpa...

Grandpa's Quilt
I'm calling it appropriately enough 'Grandpa'.  The pattern is called Bali Boxes, but is now out of print.  It's one of my go to patterns, because it's simple, requires one jelly roll and even after making several of them, I still like the look of it!  The finished quilt is 69" x 76".

I added my Grandpa's name to the top of the quilt.  He's 89 and lives in a nursing home, so I'm hoping that it will help the quilt remain with him.

My Grandpa's Name
I also added some information on the back in case the quilt gets lost or misplaced, so they'll know who it belongs to.  I've heard some horror stories from people who have relatives in nursing homes.

Label and 'lost and found' information
I quilted it using the Square Spirals pantograph by Keryn Emerson, which is a quick and fun one I've used before.

Square Spirals Pantograph
This really is a pretty quick quilt to make.  I struggled trying to find the right font to use for his name and had to wait several weeks for my back to heal before I could actually quilt it, otherwise it would have been done much sooner than it was.  However, the timing is probably perfect now that the weather has started to change!

So, the stats for this quilt are:

  • Size: 69" x 76"
  • Fabrics: Berry Bliss Bali Pop, batiks for the borders and backing
  • Batting: Quilter's Dream Green Batting
  • Thread: Aurifil (Piecing & Quilting - Top), Superior Threads (Quilting - Bobbin)
  • Pattern: Bali Boxes (out of print) - I made small changes to the pattern
  • Quilting - Square Spirals Pantograph - 33 passes & 6 bobbins
  • Started: May 2012
  • Completed: September 24, 2012
  • Recipient: Grandpa Ricci

Until later...

For I have given rest to the weary and joy to the sorrowing.
Jeremiah 31:25 (NLT)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

G is for Gifts...

So my dear husband is taking some vacation this week.  He's working on a landscaping project, which (yeah for me) has given me some extra time in my sewing room.  I've actually managed to finish a few projects -  including another Snowman A to ZZZZ block.  (I haven't worked on these since May!)

G is for Gifts
The pattern is by Crabapple Hill Studios.  My mom and I both started these blocks in January.  She's doing hers in blue and I'm doing my version in black.  However, she's much, much further along.  I think she's on the letter Q right now.

A closeup
Working on these blocks is a nice change from hand appliqueing all those bats.  They're also a lot quicker to stitch!

Recently I've been giving the cats catnip on a regular basis.  When David is 'high' on the stuff, I'll find him playing with this toy.  He likes to toss it up in the air and catch it.  He also likes to carry it around in his mouth.  However, whenever he sees me watching him, he drops it and pretends he wasn't doing anything.  I'd love to get some pictures of him in action!

David with his toy
Until later...

I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God. Bend down and listen as I pray. 
Psalm 17:6 (NLT)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Child's Play Wrap-up...

It feels like such a long time since I've finished a quilt.  Looking back at my blog, it's been exactly 3 months.  That's a really, really long time.  And actually, I think I've had this quilt on the frame for about that long!

Child's Play Quilt
I've named this quilt Child's Play and it's adapted from the Schnibbles pattern Bibelot by Carrie Nelson.  I wrote all about making the quilt here.

Closeup of the center of the quilt
I used an all over pantograph for the quilting but for the life of me, I can't figure out where I got it from.  There's no identifying text on the paper and I just can't remember.  The panto looks like interlocking people or angels.  Hopefully you can see them a little better in this picture of the border.

Closeup of the quilting
I made a simple label for the back with some of the leftover fabric.  I've gotten into the habit of affixing the label before I quilt it so that it won't come off.  I know from experience that if I leave this part to the end, I'm tempted to skip this step altogether and it's really too important to do that!

So the stats for this quilt are...

  • Size: 48"  x 48"
  • Fabrics: 2 Charm Packs of ZaZa by Erin Michaels, White Kona cotton, Purple Moda Marble flannel
  • Batting: Warm and White
  • Thread: Aurifil 50 wt #2314 (for piecing and quilting - bobbin), Superior Threads Rainbows 40 wt #860 Lone Peak (quilting - top)
  • Pattern: Bibelot by Carrie Nelson (with some changes)
  • Quilting: Pantograph (but don't know the pattern name - rows of people or angels) (13 Passes and 3 Bobbins)
  • Started: June 2012
  • Completed: September 16, 2012
  • Recipient: My sister
Child's Play Quilt
I had intended to donate this quilt, but my sister fell in love with it, so I'm giving it to her instead.  I'll have to make a replacement one to donate in the near future.

While I was trying to square this quilt up, David was desperately trying to get my attention.  He didn't want me quilting and he didn't want me taking pictures either...

Hey mom!  Can I get some attention?

Yoohoo!  Are you listening to me?
I'm serious!  Put the camera down and pet me please!
Ahhh!  That's more like it....
Until later...
And be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving one another, just as God also forgave you in Christ. 
Ephesians 4:32 (HCSB)