UFO List

Like most quilters, I have an extensive list of UFO's (Unfinished Objects).  Some of them are projects that I'm really invested in, while others are just ones I hope to finish someday.  Here's a list of the ones I'd really like to see completed (and soon).  Of course, the hand applique projects are bound to be on here for a few more years, but I'd really like to make some forward progress on them!
I started hand appliqueing this quilt in 2009.  I've finished the top and would like to have it quilted by Halloween.

I finished this top in November 2011.  It's a king size quilt and I was sure I'd have it quilted and on our bed by now.  For the most part, I know how I want to quilt it and it's already basted.  I'm planning on doing this on my domestic machine; I just need to get started on it!

I started hand appliqueing this one in 2009.  I've finished 15 of the 16 ships.  I'd like to finish the last this year and maybe prep the borders.  I'm undecided if I'm going to do them like the pattern or something different.  I expect this quilt will take at least another 2 or 3 years to complete.  I'm making it for my husband.

I've finished all of these embroidered blocks now and I even have the top together.  I still need to finish some hand embroidery and get it quilted.

Folk Art Album
This is a wool applique quilt I started in 2008 (I think).  I've finished all of the blocks and prepped the pieces for the borders.  I'd like to work on this some this year, but I already have so many hand projects that I'm not sure if I'll find the time.

At Home in the Woods
This is a McKenna Ryan quilt I started several years ago.  I have 10 of the blocks prepped and fused.  I believe I only have one left to do and it's already cut out.  Then I need to sew them together and quilt it.  I still love this pattern.

Garden Gatherings
I finished this top in June 2009 and it has been waiting to be quilted since then.  I still really like this quilt, although I've never been quite sure how to quilt it or what to do with it once it's done.  My husband is very allergic to wool and it's too big to hang on a wall.  A lot of work went into this quilt and I do want to keep it.

Christmas in July
This quilt is made using Shadow Applique.  It was a class on the HGTV Quilting & Needlework Forum back in 2007 or 2008.  I love the look of each block, but with the silk chiffon overlay, I'm afraid it's far too delicate to be around my cats.  They'd tear it up in no time.  I'm also uncertain how I want to quilt it.  This one is destined to be a gift once it's finished though.

Audrey's Kitchen
This isn't a UFO in the strict sense of the word, because I haven't started on it yet.  However, I've been meaning to make this quilt for the last 4 or 5 years.  I have a blue and yellow quilt hanging in my laundry room and I'd like to switch it out with this one.  It doesn't seem like a particularly hard quilt to make, so I'm not sure why I can't get around to it...

Quilt in a Box (2008)
My quilt bee did a Quilt in a Box back in 2008.  I designed a special setting with a Lone Star in the center of it and gotten all the fabrics, etc, but I've never gotten around to making it.  My quilt bee has already done another Quilt in a Box that I also need to put together...

Redwork Garden
I made this quilt back in 2007.  Each of the blocks is hand embroidered and was one of my first projects like this.  It still needs to be quilted.  Again, I'm not sure how I want to quilt this one.

I finished this top in January 2012.  My mom made one in blues and I custom quilted hers for her, but I've yet to start quilting mine.  This quilt will hang on the wall during the winter.  With the hand embroidery, I don't want to let my cats claws anywhere near it!