Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CQ Update #2...

I'm making more progress on my crazy quilt block.  I decided to change direction a bit after getting some good advice from my friend Thearica.  She suggested I mix it up some and work on the seam embellishments (for several very good reasons). 

I'm grateful for the advice.  I'm finding it takes much less time to embellish a seam rather than a block.  I've already managed to finish 5 of the seams and have started on another.

CQ in progress

First, I stitched some butterflies using 2mm pink silk ribbon for the bodies.  Each butterfly is made up of 4 chain stitches - two on the top and two smaller ones on the bottom.  Then I added antennae using a straight stitch with metallic thread and sewed on beads for the tips.

 Seam #1 - butterflies

For the second seam I made a row of flowers using a buttonhole stitch for the stems and chain stitches for the leaves.  I used 2 mm green silk ribbon for the stitches and then added flower sequins and beads to the top of each stem.

Seam #2 - Flower bed

For the third seam, I used a fly stitch and 2 mm bright green silk ribbon.  I then sewed a bead to each tip.

 Seam #3 - Fly Stitch

The fourth seam was the time consuming just because I really wanted to make sure the roses were on there securely.  I used 2 mm light green silk ribbon for the cross stitches, rose charms in between the crosses and green beads where the silk ribbon intersected.  So far, it's my favorite one.

Seam #4 - Rose garden

And the final seam I've completed was a simple chain stitch using metallic thread.  It was definitely the quickest to stitch.

Seam #5 - Metallic chain stitch

Can anyone offer suggestions for taking better pictures of the stitches?   They're so small, I'm having trouble showing the details.

I've got jury duty tomorrow so I won't get anything done until that's through.  But I'm happy with my slow and steady progress on this block.  I'm still not sure yet if I'll make the deadline of Sept. 22nd, but I'm thinking it'll be pretty close.

I caught Sam napping on one of the many kitty magnets around here.

Sam on the binkie

All the cats seem to love this one.  The black feet in the picture belong to David.  They were playing nice today and sharing it.

David napping the day away

I've finally found an all natural diet cat food to try for Sam.  I'm hoping I get a few free moments to run by the pet store and pick her some up tomorrow.  Please say a prayer that it works for her!  The extra weight is just awful for her joints and I cringe every time I hear them pop.

Until later...

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father who does not change like shifting shadows." 
 James 1:17 (NIV)

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  1. Your seam treatments are looking great! Love that daisy like seam treatment... and I keep going back for another look at your tree...awesome!