Friday, June 2, 2017

Forward Momentum...

It's no secret that I haven't been able to sew much in the last couple of years.  (Hence the lack of blog posts.)  The mind has been willing, the body not so much.  Recently though I've started another round of physical therapy and I've spent more time quilting than I have in years!  My quilt room and I are becoming very good friends once again.  I've made some good progress on a couple of the quilts on my priority list and even started another 'secret' quilt I'm unable to share here.

First, I managed to finish the Asteria quilt top.  My mom and I are making this for my sister and brother-in-law.  Last time I visited, we managed to get the center of the quilt completed.  I've now added the borders and made the binding as well.  This quilt is 107" square.

My sister picked out the fabrics for this version.  I liked the pattern so much, I'm making a darker blue batik version for myself.  My quilt is MUCH further behind of course.

I've also been steadily working on the baby quilt for my great granddaugher.  There is a good bit of hand applique on it and I am pretty slow at hand appliqueing.  I designed the pattern myself and this is the pieced part of the quilt...

Here is part of the applique.  (FYI, her name is Olivia.)

I'm going to have appliqued animals on the quilt as well and a sheep will be the 'O' in Olivia.  Hopefully it turns out as cute as it is in my head.  Time will tell.

I'm doing a lot of multitasking so I'm switching back and forth from one project to another.  In addition, I just got the fabric in to make curtains for our living room and dining room so I need to take a break and do those as well.  Finally, I wanted to share this adorable fabric that I recently found by Chloe's Closet.  I think it made the perfect cover for my UFO binder.

I hope you're enjoying the start of this summer season.  It looks like it's going to be a warm one here this year!

God does speak—sometimes one way and sometimes another—even though people may not understand it.” 
Job 33:14 (NCV)