Sunday, September 12, 2010

CQ Update #1...

I've made some more progress on my Nature CQ quilt.  Last time I shared, I had just finished putting the background together and I was ready to start embellishing.  I'm now glad to report that I've added embellishments to 3 of the 11 blocks.

For the first blocks I decided to stitch an apple tree.  I started off with 6 lengths of 24 gauge wire and twisted them together.  I couched the wire down to the background in several places just so it was easier to work with.  Then using a total of 4 strands of DMC floss in 2 different shades of brown, I wrapped all of the wire to create my tree trunk.   It took me through most of the movies "A Dog's Breakfast" and "My Name is Bruce".  (Neither of which were my pick.)  And this is what I had when I went to bed last night...

Tree trunk for apple tree

I was eager to work on it some more today because I figured adding the apples and foliage would be a lot more fun.  And they were.  But both still took a considerable amount of time.  First I added the apples which are red beads I found at JoAnn's.  And then I added the leaves using 4mm silk ribbon in 2 different shades of green.  I used the detached chain stitch all around the apples.  And finally I secured a bird charm to the background.

Block 1 - Apple Tree

All together it probably took me around 5 hours to make and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt. 

So then while watching episodes of "Bones", I started on another section.  (I don't know how I missed this series.  It's pretty good and Mr. Quilting Bug and I are going through and watching it from the beginning.)  I've heard that all CQ blocks are supposed to have a spider web and spider on them although I have no idea why.  I used a silver metallic thread to create my web.  It was a little hard to work with as it kept wanting to kink up, but it stitched up pretty quickly.  I used long straight stitches and then couched them in the middle to make them more stable.  Finally I added a spider charm to the web.

Block 2 - Spider and Spider Web

We were only part way through an episode of 'Bones" so I kept on working.  I wanted to do something simple and I decided to add a bee to the smallest block.  I have a book that details how to make one using silk ribbon and some very simple stitches.  The body and wings are ribbon stitches, the eyes are french knots and the stripes and tail loop are running stitches.

Block 3 - The Buzzing Bee

I've got to do some more thinking about the rest of the blocks now.  I know I want to add some roses, hydrangeas, a daisy and some tulips, but I need some more silk ribbon before I can start any of those.  As for the others, I have some rough ideas.  I need to flip through my books some more.  And I know once I've finished each of the blocks, I'll still need to go back and add some embroidery to each of the seams.

Here is a picture of the most recent litter of kittens at my parents.  Aren't kittens absolutely adorable?

Mama and her new kittens

I'd love to take the white one home with me, but I think my husband would divorce me.  He still has no idea how he's ended up with 4 cats and a dog.  It must be love.

Until later...

"Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you." 
1 Peter 5:7

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  1. oh my goodness! Your work is really fabulous! I knew you could do it since your other work is so awesome!

    Just a little tip...sometimes it is easier to do your embrodiery first and then fill in the bigger patches...Your thread won't have so many beads and such to get tangled on..

    However, some people do it in the order you are discussing and sometimes, it can all run might do a few seams and then do some patches and go back to seams...Just work how best comfortable you feel...