Over the last few years our family has been slowly shrinking. When I started this blog, we had 6 wonderful furbabies. Now we our down to 2 cats - Moses and David. They're 16 and 12 at the time I'm writing this and David has diabetes. We hope to have them with us for many more years, but only God knows how long that will be.

Moses came to live with us when she was about 3 months old.  She was so nervous coming into our household with all the other animals that she would sleep curled up next to our necks.  She loves to nap in bed during the day, but she has to crawl completely under the covers first so she's hidden.  She also loves when you rub the inside of her ears; her feet will curl up tight when you scratch deep inside.  She's the only one of our cats that likes to be picked up and carried around.  Even though she's the smallest, she was also Sam's protector.  If Sam was in distress from either the dog chasing her or us treating her for something, Moses would come running and attack.  However, if someone comes to visit, she'll hide until they're gone.

David is the only male besides my husband.  His mom was a stray who showed up at my parent's farm and gave birth.  My dear husband was already pretty firm on no more pets, but when he heard how taken I was with him, he agreed to adopt him.  David was named after David from the Bible.  He was so very brave out there on the farm, that he brought to mind images of David vs. Goliath.  (Although he was as brave as David, he's about the size of Goliath - 23 lbs right now.)  Strangely enough, once we adopted him and he became an inside only cat, he's turned into a chicken.  He has a very sweet disposition, but he's as dumb as a rock.  We're convinced he wouldn't have survived too long on his own out in the wild, but we're hopeful we'll have many, many years to come with him.
I found Gabriel by the side of the road back in 2007.  She was happily romping among the weeds and covered from head to toe in ticks!  She came right up to me, but wasn't wearing a collar.  As friendly as she was, I thought I wouldn't have any trouble finding her owners.  I searched high and low for weeks to no avail.  She loves to snuggle and particularly enjoys having her belly rubbed.  She's also chased that ball thousands of times and never seems to grow tired of it.  She was a loving, faithful and energetic member of our family. She passed away on Good Friday 2021.
Jack and Sam (next) are sisters from the same litter.  Their mom showed up at my parent's farm and gave birth the very next day.  She was a very sweet cat with a gentle disposition.  She lived to over 20 years old and was active right up until the end. She passed away January 6, 2021.

Sam was Jack's sister.  Her temperament was almost the exact opposite of her sibling.  She was always rather bossy and demanding.  She followed me around from room to room and slept on my lap every night while we watched TV.  She also had a binkie that she had to suck on at night before she could go to sleep.  She loved to eat deodorant, lotion and and any kind of perfume or cologne.  After a particularly bad UTI, she developed the early stages of kidney disease and we managed it for more than 3 years before she developed a myosarcoma from one of her yearly injections.  She passed away December 21, 2016.

1996 - 2010 
I adopted Michael from a rescue organization when she was 6 weeks old.  She was a Lab Mix, although the vet thought she had St. Bernard in her as well.  She loved cold weather, which we don't get much of in NC, and would lie in the snow on those infrequent occasions when we had some.  When I would take her to doggy day care, her favorite activity would be to jump in a kiddie pool of water and roll in the dirt.  Every single day that I picked her up, I would have to give her a bath because she would come home covered in mud (hence the first picture).  A friend of mine also taught her to chase squirrels when she was a puppy.  It was kind of cute when she was 10 lbs.  It wasn't quite so cute when she was 80 lbs!  She died of cancer back in 2010 at the age of 13.  She was so very loved and is still sorely missed.