Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stash Report Week #33, 34, & 35...

August 13 - September 2, 2011

Wow!  3 weeks of stash reporting in one post.  It's a doozy for sure.  I don't even know if I'll be able to remember everything.  It's a problem when you're too sick to sew, but not too sick to press a few buttons here and there.  The internet makes it way too easy to buy fabric - even while incapacitated in bed.

Let's see what I can remember...

I bought a good bit of Jovial recently.  I have a king-size quilt, lap size throw and wall hanging all planned out of this fabric line - so of course, it requires a good bit of yardage.  Truthfully, I'm still waiting on the last bit of it to arrive in the mail, but here's what I bought so far...

First batch of Jovial fabric
Starting from the bottom, there's 2.25 yards of the black, 2 yards of the red and 1.25 yards of the green.

More Jovial Fabric
Again from the bottom, there's 1 yd of the black, 1 yd of the red, .75 yds of the circles, .75 yds of the presents and 1.25 yards of the green on top.

I also bought .75 yards of this Countdown to Christmas stripe to use as the binding on my Starry Eyed quilt.

Countdown to Christmas Red Stripe
During one of my weak moments online, I happened to see that Lisa from Stashmaster was selling some of her stash.  She had a bunch of Charm Packs for sale at a ridiculously low price.  So before I knew it, I sent her an email and purchased all of them.  Yep, you heard me right.  She had 21 left at the time and I bought every one of them.  Aren't they beautiful?

21 Different Charm Packs
When she sent the package, not only did it contain all those little Charm Packs, she also included this Moda Candy Bar...

Extra Goody from Lisa
It contains 4 different packs of Candy Bars.  In case you're not familiar with them, they're like half of a Charm Pack.  Instead of 5" squares, they contain 2.5" x 5" rectangles along with a project sheet.  I've always been tempted to buy one, but had thus far resisted.  So I was tinkled pink to get it in the mail.  (I was also having a rough day when it arrived and the package helped perk me up.)

I had to pull out my calculator to figure this up, but it looks like 28.25 yards total came in the last 3 weeks.  Boy, that really makes me wish I'd included all the fabric I gave away earlier this year in my stash report.  Without it, it's highly unlikely I'll make it back into the black.  Hmm, I wonder if it's too late to slip it in?

As for what I used, I finished several projects, but they were small and didn't account for a great deal of fabric.  First, I finished the quilt Around the Block.  I used 4 yards for the back and binding.

Around the Block
Then I completed the Stained Glass Quilt Peonies.  I figure I used about 3 yards for the entire thing.  It's difficult to really tell with all the leading in it.

Purchased-this-week: 28.25 yards
Used-this-week: 7 yards
Purchased-to-date: 307.5 yards
Used-to-date: 133.75 yards
Net used: -173.75 yards

We recently put out a humming bird feeder because Mr. Quilting Bug likes to watch the little creatures.  Of course, so do I!  They're so tiny and amazing.  Our cat Jack is fascinated by them as well and was waiting for one to come feed...

Jack and the Hummingbird Feeder
Until later...

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.  
Hebrews 11:1 (NRSV)

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  1. I love charm packs. I will get some BOM pictures posted soon. I don't think that the tiny birdies will come with Jack that close!