Sunday, June 13, 2010

More stuff...

(I'm having a giveaway to celebrate my 1 year blog anniversary.  Leave a comment on any post between yesterday and Wednesday to enter.)

I managed to spend a few more minutes last night in my sewing room and finished trimming all my QSTs (quarter square triangles).

3.5" finished Verna QSTs

That brings my total up to 126 of the little things (84 - 1" finished and 42 - 3.5" finished).  I do think squaring up the smaller ones was much more challenging.  But now that they're all done, I can move on to the fun part of putting them together.  I made 2 different sizes because they're for 2 different projects - one is a surprise and the other is a little wallhanging for me.

On the home front, I'm glad to report that we now have tile and grout on the bathroom floor!

New bathroom floor

I couldn't get a picture of the floor without the dog in it.  She's psychic that way I guess.  Mr. Quilting Bug did all the work himself - he's so handy and I'm so blessed!  Getting the grout the right color was really quite a challenge.  The first grout sample he did, the grout dried 3 or 4 shades lighter than the picture on the package.  We ended up going with almost the darkest grout they sold and it lightened so much that it goes well with the tile.  Now he's moving on to the cabinets...

David was helping me cut last night and I got this picture of him.  (It's a miracle he still has a tail left!)

What wide eyes you have...

Until later...

"As the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him and reflect his glory even more."
(2 Corinthians 3:18 (NLT)


  1. What a neat blog! Happy blogaversary!! Glad you posted about your giveaway on the HGTV quilt forum. Please! Enter me in your giveaway. I'm adding you to my blog list.

  2. Love the fabric in the HST. Cannot wait to see what you are doing with it.

  3. Love the animal pictures - especially the cat on your cutting table. I know the feeling, my cat loves that spot as well. I don't even try to cut fabric when she is there (I will move her before starting) because she loves to sprawl.

    Please enter me into the contest, would love to have a kit.

  4. Oh, your furbabies are so cute! I miss having one of my own. I really like your site...the way you have it set up is beautiful. Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks for sharing! :)