Friday, June 4, 2010

One more step...

I finished up step 5 for the Memorial Day quilt last night and I've got step 6 cut out as well.  No sewing on this one today (so far) - too much other stuff to do.

This step was a big one in terms of the amount of sewing and in terms of seeing it come together.

Step 5

All the blocks are sewn together - 7 rows of 5 blocks each.  And the first 2 borders are on as well.  The last two steps to this quilt include another pieced border followed by 2 more plain ones.  (I've never put this many borders on a quilt before.)

Thanks Judy for sharing the pattern - the quilt is turning out gorgeous!

And one of my constant sewing companions, Gabriel, is just waiting for me to take a break from sewing and pull out the laser again.  It's like a drug to both her and David.  They watch my every move in case I pick it up...

Gabriel looking for the laser

Until later...

Each of us will have to give a personal account to God. 
Romans 14:12 (NLT)


  1. Your Memorial Day quilt is looking fabulous. I just love the way they are turning out. The pieced border is easy peasy. Yours will be great. Gabriel is gorgeous.

  2. I agree: it looks fabulous. I had the same feeling over all these borders, but it sure looks great once finished!


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