Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another block done!

(One last reminder, the giveaway ends today.  I'll announce a winner tomorrow morning...)

Just tonight I finished another of the Baltimore Halloween blocks.  This one makes 10 done - 2 more and the center medallion to go. 

Block 10

But now I'll put it aside and start working on the next 2 Ladies of the Sea blocks.  That's my routine - 2 Halloween blocks followed by 2 ship blocks.  Although the ships take a lot longer to stitch.  And now I've signed up for the new Baltimore Christmas block of the month.  This new quilt is designed by the same lady who did the Baltimore Halloween.  It starts shipping in August and I'm going to have to figure out how to fit it into the mix.  I've had a lot of fun stitching these ones though and I expect the new one to be just as enjoyable.

I went to guild Monday night and some of the ladies had already finished their samples from the Back-Basting Applique class I taught last month.

Guild sample blocks

I said if they brought their samples back completed, I would make a quilt out of them and donate it to charity.  These were just the first few and I expect more in the coming months.

And I've spent some time the last few days packing up unfinished bears and kimonos intended for Care Wear.  The generous ladies on the HGTV Quilting Forum volunteered to finish them for me and deliver them to their local hospitals.  I've also got 13 angel gowns I need to finish for my church, so I really appreciate the help!

Care Wear volunteer packages

I've never actually mailed this many packages at one time before!  Fortunately I have a postage scale at home and could pay for the postage online.  It saved me a lot of time at the post office.

Finally, I've been meaning to ask this question for a while.  Do your cats chew off their nails and leave them around the house?  My parents have 2 cats and theirs don't seem to, but I'm always finding little cat claws all over the house.  There are so many of them, I know it has to be at least a couple of cats doing it.  I'm just wondering if mine are weird or if it's common?

Cat claw

Until later...

Let the Spirit change your way of thinking. 
Ephesians 4:23 (CEV)


  1. one of my furry canine kiddos, Barney, chews his nails. it's a horrible sound at 3am...which i think is weirder than a cat doing cat lucy did it when she was alive. i clipped her toenails, and if one got too long, she'd chew on it...

    *shrug* they difentaly have their own personailties....

  2. Love the blocks!

    No advice on the cat issue, I am allergic!

  3. Oh I love your Halloween block! Not sure about cats either, allergies too. Have a happy day!