Friday, June 10, 2011

Twister top done!

Finally, I've finished something.  I spent a good part of the day in my sewing room, where I managed to not only finish cutting out the blocks for the Twister quilt, but also managed to get them sewn together. 

But before I show a picture of it, I had several people ask me how much fabric was left over after cutting out the Twister blocks.  I took some pictures and measurements so I could more accurately answer that.  Here, I've laid the template on the fabric ready to cut out the next block...

Template positioned and ready to cut
You can see the white square in the upper left hand corner.  That's really all that's salvageable after cutting out the blocks.  Here's a better picture of what's left...

Fabric left over after cutting blocks
If you're careful cutting around the template (meaning you don't cut much past each edge), you might be able to save a 2.5" square of fabric for your scrap pile.  However, I no longer save anything smaller than a 5" square or 2.5" x 12" strip because I know I won't use it.

So I finished cutting out all 100 blocks and sewed them back together.   Before cutting out the blocks, my initial topper was 46" square.  After cutting out the blocks and sewing them together, it was 30.5" square or 33% smaller.  The directions said to expect it to be 1/4 to 1/3 smaller, so that's right on. 

Twister blocks sewn together
I added a 3.5" border to each side to get my finished top.  It is now 37" square.

Completed Twister Top
Now all that's left is to quilt it.  Ha!  That's usually the step that takes me the longest.  Not the actually quilting, but just deciding how to quilt it and making myself do it!  I've already got the batting and backing prepped, so any suggestions on how to quilt it???

I just want to add a few thoughts about the Twister template and pattern.  First, several people have complained that the template was too high for their rotary cutter to cut around.  I have a 45mm Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter and didn't have any problems.

Second, before cutting these blocks, you need to make sure you have room to move around the template.  I used a small cutting mat on top of my ironing board so I could move around the board to cut each block.  Third, I understand there's a larger Twister template that uses 10" squares and will give you a much larger block.  The smaller one creates blocks that are 3" finished.  I like how the quilt turned out, but it was a lot of cutting, sewing, cutting and sewing to make a fairly small quilt.  And it's a bit monotonous.  Just being truthful here.

Finally, I've decided to rename this quilt.  From now on, I'm going to call it 'Star Crossed'.  Once it's quilted and I've finished painting my quilting room, it's going to hang in there.  I'm also making a lap size quilt for the sofa in there out of the same fabrics.  I'm planning to use the "Over and Under" pattern from the book Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett.  I'll change up the size of the blocks and the layout a little bit though.  I'd love to get started on it right away, but need to finish a couple of other things first.

The other day, I caught David napping on top of this credenza.  It's as if he was walking across it and suddenly decided he had to take a nap. 

David Napping

Until later...

Encourage anyone who feels left out, help all who are weak, and be patient with everyone.”  
1 Thessalonians 5:14 (CEV)


  1. Lovely pattern with your colors. Thanks for sharing the template cutting and the scraps left over. Always nice to see a new process before trying it myself.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the leftover fabric. I have been making 3/4" hexis so a 2" square works perfect. Not sure if I am going to run out and buy the twister template, but it is super cool. Love the way your quilt turned out and the colors you picked.
    Happy Saturday!

  3. If you don't have room to walk around a table while cutting, you can't cut the left side pushing away from you, because that rotary cutter is short on the back side, it works fine working on the correct side of the blade. I have made one, now making 3 more just like it to put the 4 of them together to make a quilt big enough to use. They are alot of work for such a little quilt though. I love the color graduation that you did on yours it looks great.

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