Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Ironing Board...

I just celebrated another birthday this past weekend (#37) and my wonderful husband made me a new ironing board as part of my present.  I'm am so blessed to have a husband who is so handy! 

My new ironing board
This new board is a very generous 24" wide and 66" long.  I can now iron all of my fabrics with ease and still have room to rest my iron.  But more importantly, this board is stable.  I've gone through half a dozen irons in the last couple of years because my cats would tilt the ironing board and the irons would fall off and break.  Even now my expensive Rowenta iron has developed a leak because David did that.

I covered it in a fabric that will match the eventual new color scheme in there.  I'm hoping to start painting the room and all the shelving this month, but it'll take a while to complete.  The base of the ironing board is made of PVC pipe that was sanded and then painted with a white lacquer.  I've already ironed a few things on it and I just love it!

While Mr. Quilting Bug was making the final adjustments, David decided to check it (and him) out.

Whatcha doing Dad?
Even with all his tremendous weight, he couldn't budge it.  Then Gabriel wanted in on the action too...

Hey dad, I want some too!
I'm really loving how this room is coming together.   It's always just been a hodgepodge of furniture and items with no coordinating color scheme, but that's changing.  I've organized the whole room and it's just so much nicer going in there to sew.  I know I'm going to enjoy it even more once it's completed - although that's still months away. 

Thank you to my dear sweet husband for my beautiful and completely functional gift! 

Until later...

How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. 
Psalm 111:2 (NLT)

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  1. Your work here on your blog is amazing, but what's more amazing is how much you get done! Your Mister is pretty handy, isn't it nice to have one so handy?!