Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wool table mat...

How do you send packages?  Do you wrap it up, address it and bring it to the post office?  That's what I used to do.  But now that the post office has the Priority Mail flat rate packages, that's how I mail most of mine.  I can calculate the postage online, pay for it and print out the mailing label.  I can even schedule my postal carrier to come pick it up from my house.  And because the postage is cheaper online than at the post office, in many cases I find it cheaper to ship Priority Mail than regular parcel post.

Priority Mail Pictures, Images and Photos

You may be wondering why I'm raving about this.  Believe me, I'm not a paid spokesperson for them.  It's just that another great benefit of doing it online is they'll send you an email when your package has been delivered.  And that brings me to this post.  I recently mailed the latest Twelve of Us package to Carolyn and I just received confirmation that she's gotten it.  So I'm free to share it's contents here.

Wool Table Mat and Embroidered Towels
The last project for this group was a CQ block.  I went on and on about the one I made here.  Seriously though, that project felt like it took forever!  The challenge this time was to make a Wool or Wool Felt Project.  It could be anything you wanted - a candle mat, table mat, small wall hanging, etc. - as long as it was made out of wool.  Having worked on a few quilts that used a lot of wool, I was really looking forward to this one.  And it was a relief to make something that didn't take much time.  I made this table mat out of dark blue wool because I know that Carolyn is really into blue.

It measures about 13.5" x 12".  I blanket-stitched around each piece of sunflower and every berry and then added the tendrils using a stem stitch.  Finally, I cut another piece of blue wool the same size and attached it to the back - again using a blanket-stitch.  Here's a closeup of my stitching...

Closeup of Blanket-Stitching
I had an entirely different idea in mind when I first heard about the project.  I even bought a pattern and some wool in July at the Quilt Odyssey show.  It was going to have a black background.  But when I learned that everything in Carolyn's house is blue or blue and yellow, I had to change gears.  I didn't want to make her something that she would never use.  Then I remembered a quilt that I made last year.  It's called 'Garden Gatherings' by Lisa Bongean.

Garden Gatherings by Lisa Bongean
See the Sunflower block in the upper left hand corner?  I used the same pattern for Carolyn's just with a blue background.  BTW - I have yet to quilt this quilt.  But I still really like it and would love to finish it someday.

I also embroidered 3 towels for Carolyn's kitchen.  Her kitchen is decorated with Blue Willow so I hope they fit right in.

I heard through the grapevine that my wool present is on its way to me right now.  I'll be sure to share pictures when it arrives.  And then I'll have to find a nice spot for it where I can admire it, but it will be no danger to Mr. Quilting Bug as he's very allergic to wool.

Another duo picture with Gabriel and Jack.  It's a little hard to see, but Jack is rubbing her head against Gabriel.  

Jack rubbing against Gabriel
I've seriously never met a cat that likes to be petted more than Jack.

Until later...

"We are sure that He (God) hears us if we ask Him for anything that's according to His will."
John 5:14 (GNT)

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