Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stash Report Week #42...

October 15-21, 2010
(I don't have any pictures that correlate with this week's stash report so I'm putting in random pictures of my pets.  Like this...)

A pensive Gabriel
This week was another one with no fabric in.  I'm not sure where the week went, but I wasn't even tempted to stop at a fabric store.  I know I need to get a quilt backing for a charity quilt and I even know the exact fabric I want.  It's at JoAnn's, but it's been on sale for the longest time now.  It seems like that would be the perfect time to buy it, right?  But I actually want it to go off sale so I can use my 50% off coupon on it.  Hopefully next week or the week after.

My parent's cat, Cricket
When I realized I had another week with no fabric in, I got to wondering how many weeks this year I've done that.  We're at 42 weeks, so I guessed probably less than 10.  I actually went back and counted and the answer is 15 times!  That's more than 35%.  (There's that math thing again.)

Note:  Mr. Quilting Bug just walked in and I told him my statistics.  He wasn't as impressed.  His reply is you could turn it around and say that means almost 2 out of 3 weeks you bought fabric.  He's obviously not a quilter...

A regal Sam
I still haven't gotten the Twisted Rope top put together.  I'm going to work on it some this week, along with a couple of other things that have to be finished by the end of the month. I did finish stitching block 3 of the Winter Wonderland quilt, but I won't count the fabric in it until all the blocks are stitched and the quilt top is put together.  That's unlikely to happen this year.  And I worked on costumes this week for my church's annual production they put on at Halloween.  It's not about Halloween, but it's a Haunted House alternative.  I had to clean and repair 7 angel gowns and I managed to finish 4 more of the new ones.  They were sizes XXL and XXXL so they used a total of 20 yards of fabric.

Purchased-this-week: 0 yards
Used-this-week: 20 yards
Purchased-to-date: 228.25 yards
Used-to-date: 385.5 yards
Net used: 157.25 yards

Gabriel with Mr. Quilting Bug
 Until later...

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear . . ." 
1 John 4:18 (NIV)

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