Saturday, October 9, 2010

Miles and Jazzy...

I meant to blog about these 2 cuties several days ago, but as usual life tends to get in the way.

Jazzy and Miles

Jazzy and Miles are Kathy's 2 sweet little dachshunds.  Kathy was the dear lady who hosted us for the week of our quilting retreat and she brought along her dogs.  I think all of us enjoyed having them around while we were sewing.  Except perhaps Kathy...

Kathy and Miles - sewing

Miles wanted to spend all of his time in Kathy's lap - whether she was sewing or sorting or sleeping.  I think my pets make it difficult to get stuff done, but Miles may take the cake in that department.

Miles helping Kathy sort her fabric

Who's the boss here?

When he couldn't get mom's attention, he still kept himself plenty busy.  I vacated my sewing chair for a few minutes and came back to find this...

He looks so cute, I hated to move him.  I think that was his plan all along.  But when I scooted him off (after snapping a bunch of pictures), he was quite happy to pursue his other 2 loves - Jazzy and Otter (his stuffed toy).

Miles, Otter and Jazzy

It was so cute how Miles would groom Jazzy.  He's 2 (I think) and she's 8 and you could tell she was long-suffering.  She puts up with him because she has to, but I think she'd prefer her own bed, no baths and all of mom's attention to herself...

Jazzy and mom

I took a ton of pictures of these two as I found them just delightful.  It seems so empty when I stay somewhere and there are no pets around.  I think they just complete a home or at least they do mine.

Until later...

"Our love for each other proves that we have gone from death to life." 
1 John 3:14 (CEV)

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