Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quilts, quilts and more quilts...

And all for charity.  The final tally for the number of quilt tops we made while at the beach is 17!  I think that's just amazing.  Of course, with 15 inches of rain, there wasn't a lot else we could do except sleep, eat and sew.  And of those three, we spent most of our time sewing.  It was like a sweat shop in there.  But a fun sweat shop.

We used 2 main patterns for our charity quilts.  The first is the Megabits Quilt Pattern by Swirly Girl Designs. A total of 8 of the quilts we made were based on this pattern.  I made one and have to say it goes together very quickly.  And depending on the fabric you use, it can end up looking completely different. 

Clockwise: Susan, Tamah, Jan, Kathy

Hopefully I got the right names with the correct quilts.  I had to go based on memory because in the pictures, there were only toes peeking out to identify them.  Some of us went borderless while others added one or even two borders.  To give you an idea of the size, without a border, the quilts are 50" x 60".

Clockwise: Kathy, Tamah, Kathy, Dee

Hats off to Kathy.  Not only did she host us, she also got the most done.  She made several quilt tops and cut out about a dozen more kits for others to use.  Plus she had to care for her 2 dogs, Miles and Jazzy, which included taking them out for long walks in the pouring rain!  I plan to dedicate a separate post to Miles and Jazzy.  I took more than twice as many pictures of them as of the quilts.  But back to the quilts...

I brought along the 6 quilt kits I had prepared using the Disappearing 9-Patch pattern in EQ7.  Jan and I each made one, Verna made 2 and Tamah and Carla will make the remaining ones.  I really like how they turned out although I have to say the purple one is my favorite.  These quilts are 59" x 74".

Clockwise: Dee, Jan, Verna, Verna

I have enough charm squares set aside to make another 3 tops in red, orange and yellow.  Once I find a border material (and some time), I think I'll make some more.  There is always a need for them.

And the final quilts we made were a mix of techniques.  I think the first one is a stack and whack made by Susan.  Note - Tamah made one like this also but I couldn't find a picture of it.  The second is the pattern that comes with the Quilts for Kids kits but I don't remember the name.  The bottom two were made with panels.

Clockwise: Susan, Tamah, Kathy, Dee

So now that we have all these quilt tops made, we need to get busy quilting them.  And I think for most of us, that's the more challenging part of quilting!

Until later...

"We should make our plans counting on God to direct us." 
Proverbs 16:9

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