Monday, October 4, 2010

CQ Update #7...

OK, I'm back with another update on my CQ block.  By now you must be wondering if I'll ever finish this thing, so I'll reassure that I'm actually getting close.  I finished the rose bushes (I think) and 2 more patches besides.  Here's where the block stands right now...

CQ Block in progress

I only have another 3 patches to fill.  Since my last update, I added a bunch more roses to the fence in the bottom right hand corner.  These are Spider Web Roses made using 4mm and 7mm silk ribbon in shades of red.  I'm considering adding some greenery around them and perhaps even a few more Roses, but I'll wait until I've finished everything else before deciding.  I did add a few charms around the Roses - 2 bee charms to the top and a bunny charm to the bottom.

Patch #6 - Spider Web Roses and bunny

For patch #7, I added a Chrysanthemum in shades of purple.  It was really easy to stitch.  I just made lots of Straight stitches and Twisted Straight stitches using 4mm silk ribbon.  I then added a bunch of Colonial Knots to the center using 4mm silk ribbon in 2 shades of yellow/gold.  The stem is a Whipped Chain stitch using 3 strands of DMC floss in 2 shades of green.  The leaves are a Fly stitch again using DMC floss.  I then added a snail charm beside it.

Patch #7 - Chrysanthemum and snail

And the last patch I completed is a Spyder Chrysanthemum using 2mm and 4mm white silk ribbon.  These are the same stitches as the Chrysanthemum in patch #7 but in a slightly different arrangement.  The center of the flower is Colonial Knots made with a 4mm yellow silk ribbon.  The stem is made using a Stem stitch and 3 strands of DMC floss.  The leaves are made using the Fly stitch and 4mm green silk ribbon.  The buds off to the side are Twisted Straight stitches in 2mm white and Ribbon stitches in 4mm green silk ribbon.  Finally, I added a butterfly charm to one side.

Patch #8 - Spyder Chrysanthemum and butterfly

I bought a couple of buttons and ribbons at JoAnn's today that I plan to use on a couple of the remaining patches.  And if all goes well, I'm going to attempt some Hyacinth's in the last patch.

Jack has taken up a new favorite spot at night in the living room.  I think she just likes to sit across from Mr. Quilting Bug and stare at him.  I don't blame her, sometimes that's all I want to do too.

Jack just hanging out

Until later...

"Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them." 
John 13:17


  1. Dee!! You are amazing! She is going to be ecstatic about her block!!

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