Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trip for 2 to Boston...

Well, Jan and I were finally able to clear our schedules and start working on the Trip for "2" to Boston quilt I mentioned some weeks ago.  (Jan found this pattern last November in a quilt store in Williamsburg.)  We'd already picked out all the fabrics last month, but had trouble finding a day where we were both free to cut, sew and iron.

The great thing about this quilt is that you work on it with a friend and you each end up with your own quilt.  One of you does all the sewing, while the other one cuts and irons.  At least, that's the case so far.   On Friday, Jan did the sewing and I did the cutting and ironing.

(Here Jan is trying to figure out what we need to do first...)

First off, we had to order our 15 fabrics.  (It's so important to keep track of their sequence when making your strip sets.)

We started with the 6 rusts/reds and made our strip sets...

We were thrilled with how they turned out.  Then we started on the strip sets for our transition...

Again, we're loving the fabrics.  (Of course, it helps that we both really like batiks.)  By now, it was time for lunch and a break for both of us.  But after filling our stomachs, we were back at it.  And after a good half day of cutting, sewing and ironing, we finished the final strips sets for the greens.

Each of these sets still needs to be sewn together to make one huge one that consists of all 15 fabrics.  So we split them up between us to finish.  And once we have them together, we still need to crosscut them before getting back together for some more cutting, sewing, and ironing.

But I think we worked well together, got a lot accomplished, and most of all, had a great time.  At least I know I did!

Until later...


  1. is this the quilt you "share" the fabrics, and the 2nd quilt is a reverse of the first? I am curious--I can see my friend and I making this!

  2. Lori - Yes, it is. And I'm planning to make mine square while I think Jan is leaning towards rectangle. You have several options.