Monday, March 15, 2010

My sewing buddies...

I've mentioned to my mom more than once how fortunate she is that her pets (2 cats and 2 dogs) leave her alone when she's sewing.  And although I really do think it makes things easier, I'm glad that mine are such a constant nuisance. 

Here are a few pictures I managed to snap this afternoon while I was trying to work...

This couch sits in my sewing room and Gabriel can watch me sewing from it.  (I really have no idea why she's licking the couch...)

Can you see her sitting on her bone?  She's usually pretty good about napping until I get up.  But if she thinks it's taking too long, she likes to bring me her babies to play with.

I feel like I keep showing you the same picture, but if you look closely, there's always a different project underneath/behind David in each post.

I've already thrown him off this table half a dozen times.  He's persistence personified though and just jumps right back up...

Now how am I supposed to sew with him like this???

I don't think he looks too happy here.  Lucky for me, I managed to finish a minuscule amount of sewing.  Enough to make this...

Hopefully tomorrow, it will turn into a doll top and matching shorts.  It depends on the mood my pets are in.  Even though David is the most present, Jack, Sam and Moses love to join in the fun from time to time too.

(As I'm typing this, my blog buddy has been keeping my lap warm.  I'm So blessed.)

(Blog buddy - aka Moses)

Until later...

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