Thursday, March 18, 2010

One of life's blessings...

is that of true friendship.  And I have been SO blessed this week by my friend Susan.  Knowing that I have so many quilts that need to be quilted and that I just don't enjoy that part of the process, she was willing to quilt one of them for me.  She refused to take any payment for it either - only the thread.

She does all her quilting on her regular sewing machine and her work is SO beautiful.  Because the thread blends so well with the fabric, it's difficult for you to see how lovely her stitching is but her tension is perfect and the design works so well with the quilt.

She did a stipple with stars in the body of the quilt and leaves in the borders.

 I spent a good deal of time sewing the binding to the back today and I had lots of help...

Every time I put it down to take a break, another cat claimed it.

I made this quilt for a friend of mine from high school who is currently serving in Iraq.  When I asked him what colors he liked, he said green and purple.  The first thing that came to mind was Barney (the Dinosaur), so that became it's name.  It finishes at 65" x 72".  Once I add the label, I'll ship it off to Iraq.  I hope it makes it to him!

This is my fourth UFO finish for the year.  (A lot more still to be finished.)  I'll leave you with a funny picture of Sam I took tonight.

Until later...

"I live and love in God's peculiar light."
- Michelangelo

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