Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Let's play a word association game.  You know the one - where I say a word and you say the first thing that comes to mind.

My word is 'shower'.  Now your turn...

Did you think of rain showers?  We've had several of those in the last couple of days.  Or perhaps snow showers?  They've been on everyone's mind this winter.  We even woke up to a dusting of the stuff on the ground this morning. 

But I'm really referring to showers of the indoor variety.  Mr. QuiltingBug and I are planning a complete remodel of our master bathroom - due to start in a month.  We'll be doing all the labor ourselves (and by "we" I really mean my dear sweet highly capable husband).  But I'm a pro at painting and picking out finishes.  Or so I tell myself.

Back to the shower though...  Our new shower arrived in the mail on Monday.  All 450 lbs of it.  A special FedEx delivery truck brought it straight to our front door and unloaded it.  It is now sitting in various crates on the garage floor waiting for it's space to be made ready.

Doesn't sound a little strange to get a shower delivered?  And why does it weigh so very much?

That's because I married the sweetest man.  He did lots of research online and found out about all of the health benefits of steam showers and thought it would help my fibro.  (I really married a gem.)

Hopefully sometime in the next 6 weeks, all those crates will transform themselves into this...

I'll let you know how it goes.

Until later...


  1. Well, you DID marry a sweetie! I am happy that you are getting that shower. I tell my husband that there is NOTHING that can't be temporarily made better by a hot shower. I hope it helps your health.


  2. A steam shower helps fibro? I hadn't heard that, but do know I love a hot tub. And I can't sleep without my electric blankie! And tell sweetie he is truly a dear!