Monday, February 1, 2010

So much help...

Whether you have little ones with two legs or four, they're always eager to help mom and dad with whatever they're doing. 

Mr. QuiltingBug went through his closet to get rid of old stuff to donate before our bathroom/closet renovation.  He managed to fill a large box with clothes he just never wore.

It didn't take long for Jack to find it.  Just before I took this picture she had her head buried between her paws in a deep sleep.  Well, David being the camera lover that he is had to come and see what was up.

He quickly decided Jack had a great idea and tried to join her.  That resulted in a chase that left a wide open opportunity for Moses.

Which she took full advantage of...

David was also a great help when I was sewing yesterday...

This is his favorite spot to be when I'm in front of the machine.

Is it any wonder I don't get more done?

At least I can see the needle in this one...

Until later...

1 comment:

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