Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My little troublemaker...

Mr QuiltingBug and I went out of town this past weekend and we took Gabriel along for the trip.  But it's the first time in the 6+ months since David joined us that we left him alone overnight.

I'll admit we were very anxious.  Every time we turn around he's done something else.  I realize he's a growing boy and has lots of energy, but it's more than that.  Genetically he must be part daredevil.  And he particularly loves heights. 

I snapped this picture about a week ago when I walked in the kitchen and saw him on top of our upper cabinets.  I figure the ceilings in there are about 10 feet high at that point.  Do you see the box at the top of the picture?  That's our skylights!  We've caught him on top of our shower door, our bathroom upper cabinets, our bedroom armoire and even on top of our flat panel TV.  And you know how thin those things are!

We used to panic when he would do stuff like this.  Now we keep an eye on him, but don't bother to enact a rescue.  Somehow he manages to escape from every scrape he's gotten into.

Nevertheless, we were nervous at the thought of leaving him alone in the house for a full 24 hours.  On the drive back, we kept wondering what mischief he might have gotten into.  But when we walked in the house, all looked well.  That is until we walked in the sun room to find this...

At first glance, I thought he'd broken the back door.  But no, he just knocked a huge painting off the wall.  Here's where it used to be...

I don't understand what he was doing that would not only knock it off the wall but also for it to land where it did.  And yes, we have 3 other cats, but I know David is the culprit.  It's just such a Davidy thing for him to do.

Well, Mr. QuiltingBug managed to put it all back together and in it's rightful place.

(As I typed this entire post, David has been lying in my lap with his head resting over my wrist.  He's a troublemaker, but so darn cute!)

Until later...

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