Thursday, February 25, 2010

February's Package

Last weekend I hand delivered my mom's February package.  (For an explanation of these packages see here).  She'd gotten a couple of things earlier in the month, but this was the bulk of it.  And now that she has it, I can finally share some pictures with you.

First of all are the flannel pillowcases for her bed.  I pre-washed the fabric in very hot water and it made them so soft.  And of course she loves snowmen.

And I also gave her both March and April's mini wall hangings.  I posted a tutorial on how to make them here.  (I wish I'd learned how to make a photo collage before doing the tutorial though...)

I've also already shared with you the stack of fabric's I split with her to make Barbie doll clothes.  Last weekend, we each managed to complete an outfit using this fabric.  I made a special occasion silk dress that took almost 2.5 hours to sew!  Shouldn't such small items be quick?  My mom completed a skirt and top outfit.

I also gave her a bunch of patterns for clothes for both Barbie dolls and 18" dolls.  (I think we'll end up making  more of the 18" clothes because the bigger scale is easier to sew.)  And of course you need a model to try clothes on, so I included this beach barbie.  She came in very handy when sewing.

Finally, I included block #2 of the Imperial Splendor BOM, another spool of Aurifil thread, a quilt magazine, the instructions for making the pillowcases and a pair of hemostats.

I've already got lots of ideas for March's package.  I'd really like to include more hand-made items and I have a bunch of quilt tops already made for her.  But it's always the quilting of the tops that seems to take me so long.

Until later...

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