Sunday, January 31, 2010


January 2010 started off very cold and ended the same way.  All told we ended up with a bit more than 6 inches of snow here.  Unfortunately my niece and nephew who live a couple hours south of me only got a dusting of snow and some ice.  So I thought I would take some pictures to show them what it looks like.

Here's the view out our front door.  (I never stepped off the stoop for these pictures.  It's just too cold!)   It's going to take a while for the snow to melt off our cars.  Luckily I don't need to go out before Wednesday.

If the kids were up here, they would have had plenty of snow to make snow angels and build a snowman.

Can you make out the huge pile of snow that drifted off the roof?  This hill is over 2 feet deep.

And here are some of the icicles hanging off the eaves.

I've enjoyed being forced to stay indoors.  It's a guilt free mini-vacation.  I've spent most of the time in my sewing room, but I'll share more on that tomorrow.

Until later...


  1. I feel the same way about being shut in for a few days! And I have really been productive! I hope it continues when the snow is gone!


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