Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pride comes before the fall...

I think we can all agree that 2009 was a tough year economically around the world.  A lot of small businesses were forced to close as people tightened up their wallets.  As a result, I noticed a lot more sales at quilt stores around Christmas time as they tried to bring in more revenue.  They were some of the largest sales I've seen since becoming a quilter.

As my husband would tell you, I'm usually a sucker for sales (and coupons).  Especially when it comes to quilting.  I like to buy the good fabric for my quilts, knowing they'll last longer.  But at $9 or $10 a yard, it can quickly add up.  That's why I was so proud of myself when I got all the emails and sales flyers and didn't feel tempted to go.   I even had several coupons for LQSs (local quilt stores) and had no plans to use them before they expired.

Do you sense a 'but' coming here?  You'd be right.  I needed a small amount of one fabric for the background to a Disappearing 9-Patch quilt top I've finished.

It's not a large quilt - only 37" x 37".  So I needed a yard and a half for backing and binding.  I went to Quilts Like Crazy because they were having 35% off the entire store.  Well, I found the perfect fabric I needed and then some.

It's like something comes over me in there and I'm compelled to buy more.  I can always rationalize it too.

Here's the fabric I needed along with another fabric I plan to use as a backing for the mystery quilt my quilt bee is finishing up.  OK, that's not so bad.  I have an intended purpose for both of these.  But what do I plan to do with this?

I bought 3 yards figuring I could use it for either a backing or a background, but I don't have a project in mind.  I also bought a Berry Bliss Bali Pop that I've been eyeing for a while.  Again, no project in mind but I do have a pattern that works well with these.

At this point, I'm not very proud anymore.  I've broken down again, but I console myself with how much I saved on fabric I'm sure I will use.  It was a wise purchase right?  Right???

But can I justify returning to the store the next day to buy more?  I've really fallen low now I think.  I struggle back and forth with how much I'm saving versus how much more I'd save if I didn't buy it.  I also tell myself that I give away most of the quilts I make and so this is really a charitable contribution.  There are all kinds of justifications running through my mind.  (These mental discussions are pretty common for me - how about you?)

In any case, here's the other fabric I bought.  These first two are to make a purse.

And these final two are gorgeous batiks - in my opinion.

I've seen on a lot of blogs where quilters keep track of how much they buy and use in a year.  I'm seriously considering trying to keep track that way.  Of course, all of these purchases I just shared with you wouldn't count because I bought them in 2009!  Or so I tell myself...

Until next time...

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