Thursday, August 13, 2009

Too much to do...

Let me start off by saying August is turning into a pretty stressful month for me. It has something to do with my penchant for volunteering for things and deciding to make gifts at the very last minute. I know you can't make a quilt in 3 days and yet I continue to delude myself. I have a great many things to finish by early September including:
  1. 7 Charity quilt blocks - due Sept 1st (5 done, 2 more to go)
  2. Prayer quilt for my Secret Sister
  3. Crayon Challenge quilt
  4. Scraps to Treasure quilt
  5. Quilt 2 soldier quilts for Kathy
  6. Purse for my Secret Sister's September package
  7. Embroider 2 jackets (Done 8/14)
  8. Embroider 16 labels (4 done now)
  9. Embroider heart for Verna
I'm also thinking that I have 5 more UFO's to finish by December 31st or I owe a bunch of FQ's (fat quarters) to my quilting bee. In addition, I've just recently decided to make 2 more quilts as gifts for Christmas. Somehow, I found the time to buy the fabric and pick out the patterns for them. Now I just have to find the time to sew them!!!

OK, pity party is done! I am so blessed to be able to spend my time quilting and I have made so many friends through my 'hobby'. I'm constantly learning and creating and I love it! Besides if it takes me longer to get these done, I'm sure the world will not end because of it.

I have finished a couple of the charity applique blocks. I believe this first one is a tulip. (I'm not very good at recognizing flowers.)

And this second one is a coneflower.

I also had a great time Monday night at our quilt guild meeting. There was a fantastic trunk show by Quilter's Gallery followed by the opportunity to shop! What could be better? This is where I managed to find the fabric and pattern for one of my Christmas projects. They sell most of their fabric packaged together in 'pizzas'. They pick out and color coordinate it for you saving you a lot of time and effort. They have a great many kits as well. Here's the first pizza I bought. It has 20 FQ's - the exact number needed for the pattern. How fortunate!

I also bought another one with batiks in it. I don't have a pattern yet, but am sure whatever I pick out will be beautiful with these fabrics. This one had 24 FQ's.

It's not a great picture. The fabrics are much more vibrant in person. And I also found a package of wool at a very good price.

In addition I bought several patterns. I have to say the whole evening was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow is a special day for one of us in our family. I'll be back to share in the morning! Til then, happy quilting!

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