Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!!!

My sweet girl is 13 today! I have to admit there were several times I didn't think she'd make it to this ripe old age - particularly earlier this year. But she has. And she's looking good.

We've happened upon the right combination of food and medication for her arthritis. She's acting far younger than 13 right now. She enjoyed a special birthday bone this morning for breakfast.

Please ignore all the hair on the carpet. With 5 pets (soon to be 6), it's inevitable.

We're going to have to get her something good to eat for dinner. Perhaps some egg drop soup - one of her favorites. She just went to the groomer last week to have most of her hair cut off. With this hot weather she's so much more comfortable with it gone. However, here's a picture of her before the shave. She looks fluffier, doesn't she?

Gabriel had to get in on all the pictures I was taking. Here she is laughing. (OK - I think she just closed her eyes against the flash.)

In case anyone is wondering - I do realize Michael is a boy name and yes, she is a girl. But honestly, she doesn't care what we call her and I like the name.

I'm out of town this weekend, but I'll have another surprise when I return...

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