Monday, August 17, 2009

Kitten Tales...

I've been snapping pictures like a fiend here at my parent's. Can you guess the composition of most of them? Here's a hint...

That's a picture of one of David's brothers. Out of a litter of 5, all of them are boys! What are the chances? The new litter has a mix of sexes I think. I looked under all their tails, but since they're so small, it's difficult to be certain. I saw 2 girls, 2 boys and one I had no idea.

They love playing with the laser. It's like tag-team wrestling. I shine it all over the floor and one of them will chase it. Then another joins in and the first takes a break. Sometimes though, 3 or 4 of them get going and it's a mess of kitties. They run so fast, it's hard for me to move the pointer fast enough.

Can you see the red dot by his front paw?

I've put the cat carrier in the room with them so David can get used to it. I thought they might be afraid of it, but from the beginning they thought it was just another toy for them.

That's Ernie lying on top of it. I found a couple of toys in it this morning...

Here's a picture of the shyest of the 5 boys. He stays hidden under the recliner. We call him 'Little Mama' because he looks so much like his mom. It took us so long to check his sex that the name has stuck.

That's as close as he'll let me get. But here's a picture of mom and he looks just like her.

As if you haven't seen enough kitty pictures, I'll leave you with some more of the newest litter.

And finally, isn't he precious?

I'll try to include something other than kittens in my next post...

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