Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another finish!!!

Tonight I finally finished the embroidery on my 3rd Ladies of the Sea block, the Le Coureur. There are an awful lot of grapes and leaves on this one, but they all look so pretty. Sue Garman did a wonderful job designing this BOM. Each block is a labor of love. It takes me about 5 weeks of sewing at night to finish each block. And have I mentioned that there are 16 blocks in this quilt and 4 full borders? Yes, it will be many years before it's completely done, but my dear husband is so worth it!!! (I love you honey!)

I also got a little package in the mail today with a single crayon in it. You might be wondering why just one crayon? Well, I signed up for yet another online challenge. This one is the 2nd annual Crayola Challenge. The challenge is going to be used to raise money for a Ronald McDonald House in California this time. Each person who volunteers makes a quilt (54"x70" or larger) to be raffled off. The rules for the challenge are that you can only use fabric the color of the crayon you receive. It can be any shade of that crayon though. In addition, you can pick one other crayon and use that shade only as an additional fabric selection. So are you ready to see the color I got?


Doesn't it sound delicious? Yum. I've already been thinking of what other color I'll add. Perhaps a sunshiney yellow... or maybe orange sherbert... or a leafy green... or who knows? I think so many colors would look good with this choice. (I should probably invest in a box of crayons though to make sure whatever I choose is also in the box.)

When I got my crayon, I went to the web to learn a little bit more about it. Did you know it's the favorite color of Tiger Woods? Or the it has only been around since 1990? You can learn such useless information on the web. I also learned the RGB code for my color. I put it into Paint and this is what is showed...

A little bit bright huh? Actually, I don't think it's a great representation of the crayon in person. The crayon is not so in your face. Why don't I show you and let you decide for yourself.

By coloring with different pressures, you start to get an idea of the possible shades. The quilt doesn't have to be completed until Feb. 1, 2010 so I'm in no rush to get started. (Other than the fact that I get to buy more fabric of course.)

I did go out to a couple of LQS's on Monday with Jan to pick up a few bits and pieces that I need to finish current quilts. And while out, I bought some fabric to make a very special someone a surprise. I'm not going to say anymore about it other than to hope she'll love it. It won't get done immediately, but I'll show a picture after it's in her possession. (I know she sometimes reads my blog and I don't want to give it away.)

Well, I'd better head off to bed now. I've got a very busy day tomorrow filled with dog groomers, acupuncturists and my very favorite quilting buddies. Until later...

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  1. Dee,

    Enjoyed reading your blog. You amaze me with all the projects you take upon yourself. Your work is always beautiful too. Yes, quilting is the greatest hobby and we have a wonderful group in our Threads of Friendship Bee.