Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 - A Wrap Up...

Every year I take the time to look back and see what it is I've created over the past year.  I didn't expect it to be a very long list this time.  I haven't felt like I've finished much lately, certainly not like in past years (not that it's a contest.)  And it's true.  I only made 10 quilts in 2014 and half of those are still waiting to be quilted.  But looking closer, I noticed something else.  I've really grown as a quilter this past year.  I could have finished more projects, but I spent quite a bit of time custom quilting several projects.

The back of Summer Meadows
The back of Whit's End
I also spent a lot of time quilting a couple of quilts that I haven't quite finished yet...

Celebrations - A work in progress
Winter Wonderland - A work in progress
These are the quilts/quilt tops I did finish in 2014...

Stepping Stones, Tic Tac Toe, Trip for "2" to Boston and Harvey
Tickled, QOV Quilt, QOV Mystery Quilt, Mystery #28
I also finished 24 Farmer's Wife blocks.  I had hoped to make a lot more, but these are fiddly little things.  Because each one is cut out separately, it's going to take a little longer than I originally thought.

Farmer's Wife Blocks
I made 2 more Ladies of the Sea blocks.  I only have 2 more ships left (plus the borders.)  If knitting hadn't taking over my TV time, these would be done.

Ladies of the Sea
Last year was a year of learning for me.  I took up knitting and found I really enjoy it.  It's very relaxing to pull it out at night and work on a scarf or shawl while a cat or 2 naps in my lap.  I also conquered my fear of baking!  I learned how to make both bread and pies.  In fact, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I made 9 pies from scratch.

As for this year, I hope to do more custom quilting.  I have a pile of quilts that are calling out for it.    However, not every quilt needs it and I would love to finish at least 1 or 2 more for our king size bed.  Charity quilts are a must and I still have a number of UFO's that are begging to see some progress (namely the Ladies of the Sea quilt for my husband).  Then again, only the Lord knows what this year will hold and I truly hope it is a good one for each of you.  Happy New Year!

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  1. Beautiful quilting. You did get a lot done this year. Baking is fun. GLad you enjoy it.

    Have a happy and healthy new year!