Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Finish of the Year...

I have to begin by saying I had so much fun quilting this!  Initially I planned to switch between quilting this one and another as I grew tired/bored, but that didn't happen.  Once I started, I just kept going.  In a few short days, the quilting was done.

Festivities table runner
I used a gold metallic thread for the Dresden's and black metallic for the background.  I had almost no problems with it except for it occasionally creating a loop of thread on the surface while I was free-motion quilting.  When that happened, I'd have to stop, pull out those stitches and start again.  I probably had to do that a couple of dozen times, but considering how much quilting there is, I didn't consider it much of a hassle.  I used a 90/14 topstitch needle and had the thread on a vertical spool.  When I was finished, this is how much metallic thread I had left on the spool...

It's a little difficult to see the quilting motifs because of the whole black thread on black fabric thing, but I tried as best I could to show the quilting.  It actually has a lot of sparkle in person.

I quilted a half inch grid as a filler.  Because I free-motion quilted the grid, I marked it first using a yellow Sewline pencil.  It probably took as long to mark the grid as it did to quilt it!

I used a double layer of batting underneath the Dresden plates, so they have a bit of extra poof to them.  If I did it again, I'd probably just put a double layer in the entire quilt.  It would give the other quilting a little more pop as well.

Funny thing though, I was so optimistic when I started this project that I would finish it quickly that I made the label ahead of time.  Fast forward a couple of years and  I now think I've learned that I should probably leave the date off until I've actually finished the quilt - no matter how optimistic I feel! (In case you can't read it, the label says Fall 2011.)

I'm intending for this to be my Christmas table runner; however, it doesn't scream Christmas so I think I can use it all winter long.  I'm not going to leave it out on the table though for 2 reasons: (1) my cats would think it was both a toy and a binkie and I could see it ending up on the floor, and (2) it has a black background and for some reason, ALL of my cats shed white.  The black background probably wasn't the best planning on my part, but I thought it would set off the Dresden plates so well (and I think it does).  I'm just going to have to pull this out for special occasions and lock them away!

Here's a summary (so I don't forget in the future):
  • Size: 19" x 53"
  • Fabric: Nature's Gift by Deb Strain, Bella Solid Black
  • Batting: Warm & White (should have used the Natural!)
  • Thread: Madiera Metallic for the quilting
  • Pattern: I made it up.
I'm already working on quilting the Dresden wall hanging, but it's slower going.  In part because it's a much larger quilt, but also because I'm not finding a lot of time to work on it.  Too many other projects/tasks are requiring my focus right now.  But at least it's seeing forward momentum.  Finishing both of these quilts would mean 2 UFO's off my list (and many, many more remaining).


  1. Your quilting is gorgeous on the runner... Loving how the dresdens pop off of that black background!

  2. Beautifully quilted by metallic thread! Your table runner is gorgeous! Isn't it peculiar that black fabric seems to suck all cat hair...

  3. Dee! It is absolutely stunning! I love that you sparkled it up a bit by using the metallic thread. You are VERY talented at FMQ! WOW!

  4. That is gorgeous! It looks wonderful with the black background and the quilting is just beautiful!
    Congrats on your first finish!

  5. I love your quilting. We helped our Granddaughter finish her quilt this weekend and start another. I whipped out several small projects and got them out of the way!