Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sweet Treat Bag...

After finishing up my Schnibbles quilt and before starting another big project, I was in the mood to putter around with something small.  It was late afternoon and I only had a short time to sew, so I dug around in my stash until I found this little Moda Bake Shop box.  It included 2 mini HoneyBuns and a pattern. (I used one of the HoneyBuns before I thought to take a picture!)  The sticker on the box dates it to April 2009, so it's obviously been in my stash for a while.

The pattern included with this box is for a Sweet Treat Bag.  It's quick, simple and the instructions really are quite genius.  I've never seen a bag constructed this way before, but it was SO easy!  Each mini HoneyBun contains 10 - 1.5" strips and will make one of these bags.  The fabric for this bag was Objects of Desire by Sandy Gervais.

I finished making the entire bag in a couple of hours, minus the buttons which required a special trip to JoAnn's.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but think it would make a great makeup bag, sewing bag or gift for a friend.  In fact, my quilt bee is going to get together next month to make them in time for Christmas.

It was fun to make something I could finish in just a few short hours.  But now it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled program, starting with this king-size quilt I still haven't finished putting together....

Always obey the Lord and you will be happy. If you are stubborn, you will be ruined.” 
Proverbs 28:14 (GNB)


  1. I love a quick project to fill the space between other things. THat is a cute bag.

  2. Quick and fun?! That should go on my "to do list".

  3. Very cute! I made one of these for myself some years ago~ DD saw it and it immediately became her new cosmetics bag. :-) I see it every time she comes home for a visit. LOL

  4. I have a couple questions about your Joann's Pathway to the stars BOM quilt. my email is

  5. Cool! I really liked that line of fabric!