Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just Fun!

I've been hard at work on this little quilt since I shared the fabrics a week and half ago.  (Well, except for a wonderful excursion to a quilt store where I picked up some luscious fabrics to be shared later!)  I probably shouldn't use the word 'work', because this quilt has been nothing but fun.  I have so enjoyed making every single block and even the binding!  I wonder if it's because I used fabrics that are so different from my usual choices or perhaps because I'm just loving the time in my new sewing space.  Probably a combination of both.  In any case, I'm calling this little quilt 'Just Fun!' in celebration of that...

This is the Schnibbles quilt chosen by Sinta and Sherri for this month.  There will be a parade of quilts on their blogs October 1st and it's always so much fun to see how the same quilt looks in different fabrics.  By the way, this pattern is called Mercerie and is a Vintage Schnibble by Carrie Nelson. I used 2 Charm Packs of Simply Style by V and Co. for mine.  I also made 20 blocks instead of 16 and used the extra 4 as a label for the back.

Quilt Label on the Back
Although I bought enough of the backing fabric to use as the binding, when I had the top together, I just thought it called out for a scrappy binding.  However, there wasn't enough fabric left over to make one.  So I had to get inventive.  I figured out if I joined strips of my backing fabric with some of the leftover strips from the charm packs I could make a wide enough piece to use as binding.  And since the binding gets folded in half, you never see the backing fabric!

2.25" x 5" binding sections
I don't know if everyone is already doing this or perhaps it's a big no-no, but it gave me enough strips to join together so that I had my scrappy binding and I love how it turned out.  I didn't have any problems applying it either, even with the extra seam down the middle of many pieces.

Scrappy Binding
Now that my quilting room is almost finished, I have the perfect place to hang it too (and all future Schnibbles quilts)!

So, the stats for this quilt are:
  • Size: 33" square
  • Fabrics: Simply Style by V and Co.
  • Batting: Warm & White
  • Thread: Aurifil #2600 to piece, Superior Threads So Fine #451 to quilt
  • Pattern: Mercerie by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
  • Quilting: Celtic Braid by Patricia E. Ritter
  • Completed: September 2013
As usual, I had some help on this quilt.  (None of my quilts are solitary projects.)

Jack, insuring none of my blocks go missing

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1 Corinthians 13:7 (NLT)


  1. Nice one! This is fun and pretty. I have seen where other people have done binding that way, but I forget. That is a great solution for when you don't have quite enough. I also love the label idea! I have some extra blocks, too. Now I'm going to run up and see if there are four of them.

  2. Love your quilt. I am getting excited to see your finished studio too. :)

  3. It's a super cool quilt, and the fabrics are great! I love the thought you put behind your binding, and it does look perfect for the quilt! Congrats on your new sewing space! I'm so glad you are feeling productive in it already!

  4. THat is an interesting pattern! I love your helper.

  5. I think that Just fun reflects well your joyful time when you sewed your it! It's glorious!! I just love your colors! PS. I had to spy a little your quilting, because I'm still considering how to quilt my Mercerie...

  6. Oh Dee, I LOVE it!!!! It calls out to me to "stretch myself". Doing Schnibbles size works might be just the way to do this Thanks for the inspiration :0)

  7. I love how the chevrons showed up on your quilt top. Great job!

  8. Beautiful Dee! I love labels and yours is wonderful! What you did with the binding is great too. I've never tried that before! Very clever!

  9. That binding is very cute!

  10. What a great use of those fabrics. I love how your quilt turned out. Your kitty Jack makes and adorable paperweight!