Friday, September 28, 2012

Grandpa's Quilt...

I started this back in May with the hope of finishing it within the month.  Fast forward four months and I've finally completed and mailed off this quilt to my Grandpa...

Grandpa's Quilt
I'm calling it appropriately enough 'Grandpa'.  The pattern is called Bali Boxes, but is now out of print.  It's one of my go to patterns, because it's simple, requires one jelly roll and even after making several of them, I still like the look of it!  The finished quilt is 69" x 76".

I added my Grandpa's name to the top of the quilt.  He's 89 and lives in a nursing home, so I'm hoping that it will help the quilt remain with him.

My Grandpa's Name
I also added some information on the back in case the quilt gets lost or misplaced, so they'll know who it belongs to.  I've heard some horror stories from people who have relatives in nursing homes.

Label and 'lost and found' information
I quilted it using the Square Spirals pantograph by Keryn Emerson, which is a quick and fun one I've used before.

Square Spirals Pantograph
This really is a pretty quick quilt to make.  I struggled trying to find the right font to use for his name and had to wait several weeks for my back to heal before I could actually quilt it, otherwise it would have been done much sooner than it was.  However, the timing is probably perfect now that the weather has started to change!

So, the stats for this quilt are:

  • Size: 69" x 76"
  • Fabrics: Berry Bliss Bali Pop, batiks for the borders and backing
  • Batting: Quilter's Dream Green Batting
  • Thread: Aurifil (Piecing & Quilting - Top), Superior Threads (Quilting - Bobbin)
  • Pattern: Bali Boxes (out of print) - I made small changes to the pattern
  • Quilting - Square Spirals Pantograph - 33 passes & 6 bobbins
  • Started: May 2012
  • Completed: September 24, 2012
  • Recipient: Grandpa Ricci

Until later...

For I have given rest to the weary and joy to the sorrowing.
Jeremiah 31:25 (NLT)


  1. It is beautiful! I hope he loves it and that it stays in his possession!

  2. Just discovered this. How beautiful. Can I ask how you made your quilt labels? Also, are you using 2.5 in strips? How long is each box?
    Again, just beautiful.