Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trick or Treat...

I've been working on this quilt for almost 3 years now.  The pattern is Baltimore Halloween by P3 Designs.

Cover photo for Baltimore Halloween pattern
During that time I've shared each of the blocks as I've worked on them.  I'm currently appliqueing the last block in the quilt - the large one in the middle.  My goal was to have the top completed by this Halloween, but I can tell now that's not going to happen.  Although I might finish this block by then, I won't have a chance to start working on the border until later. 

There are 165 pieces in this block and when I snapped this picture, I only had 77 left to do...

88 pieces done, 77 left to stitch
Most of the pieces that are left though are smaller and a bit quicker to stitch.  In fact, I managed to complete another 14 tonight (so now I'm down to 63).  There's a lot of candy corn and other candy to finish, along with some acorns and a couple of pumpkins.

I'm so excited to see this top put together.  The border has appliqued bats along all 4 sides, so I know those will take a bit of time to prep and stitch down.  But the bulk of it's done and surely by next Halloween I'll have it quilted and hanging on the wall in time for the 5 Trick-or-Treaters we get each year!

Until later...

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  1. My DiL wants to do that quilt! any words of wisdom?

  2. I just bought the pattern, could you share the applique method you used?

    Absolutely beautiful!

  3. I am so impressed with your Baltimore Halloween, your blocks are incredible. I just love that pattern. I would also like to know what method of applique you are using. Each block looks just perfect. What a treasure this finished quilt will be. Congratulations on sticking with it, your last block, that's just amazing.

    I'm also gong to make that Little Gatherings quilt by Lisa Bongean, I"m going with a size somewhere between the small one and the big one, and thinking of adding some red!

    I've so enjoyed browsing your blog, I don't know how you found my blog but I'm so happy you did.