Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Gabriel!!!

You're 4 today!

Three years ago while on my way to the store, I found you by the side of the road and I felt compelled to stop.  You were such a happy little dog (much smaller than you are today).  You weren't wearing a collar and we tried so hard to find your owners, but had no luck.  Although you drove me crazy that first week, we're so glad you're with us now.  The vet thought you were around a year old back then so that would make you 4.

I remember when I stopped you came right up to me and your face was covered in ticks (ughhh) because you were burrowing through the weeds.  You were so happy to see me, but very unhappy to get in the car.  Even today, you still don't like to go for rides and tend to get car sick.

I think you must have been an outside dog because you didn't seem to understand the concept of petting.  Hands were for licking or biting or throwing the ball.  You really seem to understand it now...

From day one, you love playing with the ball.  And over the years you've became very proficient - even inventing new games...

You have also taught us a lot about unconditional love.  Like most dogs, you show us a perfect example of love - one that we would do well to follow...

So happy birthday girl!  We love you! 

Until later...

"He who pursues righteousness and love 
finds life, prosperity and honor."
  Proverbs 21:21

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