Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One, two, three...

That's the number of crayons I picked in the Crayon Challenge.  Actually each participant chose an envelope with 3 random crayons in it.  The challenge was to make a quilt using only those 3 colors.  You couldn't add a 4th color, but you could use any shade of your 3 crayons.

My envelope contained Gray, Sky Blue and Atomic Tangerine.  I carried this envelope around with me for months as I tried to find fabrics that fit the criteria.

Last night at guild, we all showed off our creations.  I was surprised at the number of ladies who participated and completed a quilt.  I think Jan and I were the only two who hadn't at least partially quilted ours yet.  Oh well, it had to be somebody, right?  It was a beautiful show - well mostly.  There were a few color combinations that were just way out there.  Not the fault of the quilter; some colors just aren't meant to go together.  Looking at all the quilts, I also realized I'm really on an applique kick.

When I thought about my colors, my mind pictured a koi pond.  So that's what I made.  I call it "The Koi Pond".  (Can you tell I thought long and hard about the title? LOL)

I also showed my dog quilt last night.  One lady stopped me in the bathroom later and asked how I came up with the idea.  I thought about it and I have no idea!!!  I can't remember what I was thinking at the time.  Is dementia setting in already?

I also meant to show everyone the beautiful gift I got from my secret sister this month.  Her father made me a rolling pin out of black walnut.  It is gorgeous!  I don't really bake, but then again, I wouldn't use it to roll out a pie crust if I did.  I'm trying to figure out where to display it in my kitchen.  He's obviously very talented.

Also my secret sister made me the heart block.  I know from her letters she's married with children and works full time so I really appreciate her taking the time to make me something.

Until next time...

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