Sunday, September 13, 2009

How many left???

I'm now one project down with how many more to go?  I planned once I finished the Scraps to Treasures Challenge that I would turn around and quilt my Crayon Challenge in time for Monday night's guild meeting.  I now know that was just plain crazy...  I haven't done any sewing since I finished it.  I'm still trying to recover from my all nighter and marathon quilting session.  All I really want to do right now is sleep; however, it's only 7:30 pm and I'm going to try to make it another hour or so. LOL

In between stitching, I have managed to snap a few cute pictures.  My subject appears to be mainly David.  Not because I don't try to take pictures of the other pets, but because they won't stay still for them.  Every time I see one of them in a cute pose and turn the camera on, they either run towards it or hide.  Luckily David doesn't appear to care.  (He's very laid back as you can see.)

He's sleeping on top of the quilt I made for Moses (because she won't sleep in the bedroom).  But he's commandeered it for now.  See it even has her name on it.

Here's another picture of David in one of his more common poses.

I do hope to do a little sewing on my Crayon Challenge quilt before tomorrow night.  Then I'll have to get Dennis to help me take a picture as he's my official quilt picture helper...

By the way, I showed Dennis all of the quilts that are in the Scraps to Treasures Challenge.  There are 44 entries this year.  His comment on seeing them all was, "I didn't realize you were that good."  Wasn't that incredibly sweet and funny at the same time?  Of course, he's not the slightest bit biased is he?

Until next time...

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