Friday, July 17, 2009

What a deal!

Or should I say deals? I used to mention to my husband how much I saved when I found a really great deal on something. His reply was to note how much more I would have saved if I didn't buy it to begin with. So now I just don't mention these great buys to him. However I'd be glad to share with you! (Now I'm hoping my husband doesn't stop by and read this post...) I'm guessing if you're a quilter you've heard of Hancocks of Paducah. I was fortunate enough to visit them in person earlier this year. The store is pretty overwhelming in person. I think I'd rather shop them online instead.

Every so often they add new items to their sale categories. I'm particularly fond of their pre-cut web sales and boy did they have a doozy of one recently. I managed to pick up some fat quarter bundles for more than half off. And they were ones I'd been tempted to buy when they were full price - so how could I possibly pass them up now. I just know you agree with me.

I bought the Robert Kaufman Imperial Fat Quarter Bundles in both the Antique and Spring colorstories. I also bought the Night & Day: Black & White collection by them as well. These fabrics are so beautiful and they feel just like silk.

You can also see a roll of the Bali Wraps in the front. They're the blue-green color family. Not too long ago I bought a set in the red family and paid more than twice as much. Ughhh!

Well after I ordered these fabrics for myself, I got to thinking how great the black & white bundle would be for my secret sister. And at such a great price, I couldn't afford to pass it up... So I went back and ordered one for her, as well as a few yards of juvenile prints that were on clearance. I know she likes these types of fabrics and I hope she likes what I picked. The FQ bundle will be for her August package and I'll save the rest for later.

And finally I went back and made a purchase to make into a Christmas present (I think). The Gypsy Rose bundle by Fig Tree was also greatly discounted. Won't this make a very soft and pretty quilt? (The fabric underneath it is for binding on another quilt.)

On another note, I had my first acupuncture appointment yesterday. It was very interesting. Did you know that they leave the needles in for a while? He used about a dozen needles and left them in for half an hour. They didn't really hurt going in and I was very relaxed during the whole thing. So much so that I almost fell asleep a couple of times. Unfortunately when I would jerk awake, that's when I would feel my muscles trying to contract around a couple of the needles in my neck. That was a little painful but not too bad. The worst part was when he took them out. I don't understand why that would hurt, just that it did. In any case, I go back next week and then a couple weeks later. I'm optimistic that I'll see some improvement in my symptoms. Until next time...

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