Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the grind...

I just got back from my Wednesday quilting bee. I always have a great time chatting and sewing and today was no different. And Tamah made a wonderful blueberry pound cake. Yummm! I didn't get much stitching done, but I'm trying to take it easy so that's ok. I did learn about a book from Carol Armstrong called Butterflies and Blooms that I think I'll need to order. It has great applique frogs, turtles, butterflies and insects.

I've been busy grinding away on little things. I made some 9-patch blocks for a charity quilt. I'm also going to applique 4 flower blocks but I'm waiting on the background for those.

Sometimes it's nice doing some semi-mindless sewing. I also cut out and sewed together about 200 flying geese units. I need 62 for one border and 92 for another. The extras I'll just save for some other project. I still need to press them all. I used the one-seam flying geese method for making them. I also finished assembling the center of the same quilt. It will have 3 borders - 2 of which are the flying geese.

There are 12 birds in this quilt, all of them native to North Carolina I believe. This was the block of the month for 2008 by Sew Unique. I also found some time to 'put up' my temporary design wall again. ( It's really just 4 c-clamps, 4 1x2 boards and some batting.) However, I wanted to lay out the blocks for another BOM so I could see if my design and placement will work. I'm not sure about it though. There are so many very different colors in this quilt. It might just be one I put together to say it's done and not because I love it.

To me, it's not very cohesive. I know there will be black sashing in between the rows as well, but I don't think that will make too much difference. What do you think?

I'm going to leave you with a picture of our cat Moses. She mostly keeps to herself until she wants attention and then she demands it. My parents refer to her as our fake cat because she hides whenever anyone visits.

I'm expecting a package in the mail and I'll have to share the contents with you next time. Until later, have a blessed day!

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