Thursday, July 9, 2009

Anyone for some Sudoku?

Actually I'm finding myself more interested in the new puzzle craze, KenKen, lately. It's a lot like Sudoku but involves basic math functions. However, that has nothing to do with this post. I've been working on a black and white Sudoku quilt for my Secret Sister. I've seen the pattern done before and thought I should be able to figure it out for myself. So I tore off an old puzzle I had solved and went to work. It's a bit more challenging sewing the 9-patches because each patch is a different fabric and each 9 patch is a different configuration. I showed the finished quilt to my husband who said he loves it. Then I told him it was for someone else... However, one day I'd like to make us one too. In the picture, I hadn't sewn the binding down yet, but I've since finished it.

The quilt is 27" x 27" and each block is 6" finished. It only took nine 2.5" strips to make the blocks, with enough left over for the binding. All in all it was a pretty quick project.

Yesterday, myself and several ladies from the Threads of Friendship quilt bee took a trip to Thimble Pleasures in Carrboro, NC. (Actually the quilt store is moving soon to Chapel Hill - a tiny bit closer.) This was another quilt store I had never been to. They actually have a large variety of fabrics, no repro's though, and a little bit of everything in the way of notions. I didn't even try to delude myself into thinking I wouldn't purchase something this time. Good thing too! But I didn't go overboard. I found a couple of new Fairy Frost fabrics that I don't have and a couple of other 1/2 yard pieces that fit well into my stash. All of the 1/2 yard pieces were on sale too. I also bought a tube of Bali Wraps in the color red. I've signed up to make some applique flower blocks for a charity quilt and these will be just perfect for them. And the deadline to make them is Sept. 1st, so I need to start soon.

I also found an oriental fabric that I already have but in a different colorway. It's actually a gradated fabric. I tried to fold it open in such a way that you can see the color changes. I just need to find the perfect pattern to take advantage of those color changes.

And finally, I bought the remainder of the bolt of this one. I almost missed it because the bolt was on the floor waiting to be put up. I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It has some metallic accents in it (which is SO me) and beautiful shades of blues and greens. I have enough to use this as the border and coordinating colors in the center of the quilt. It will be a fairly simple pattern so as not to take attention away from this gorgeous fabric. There's a lot of fabric I can pass by, but this one I would have regretted not buying!

I was so glad to get back to some sewing today and I hope to be able to continue tomorrow. I'd like to make my SS a purse to match her quilt. I figure I'll go with a black & white theme for her next package. I'll have to see what else I can come up with by the end of the month. My SS has had to go back into the hospital again - this time for shingles. She could sure use some spoiling right now!

Until next time, enjoy yourself! -Dee

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