Monday, July 6, 2009

Ho hummm...

I'm still having a hard time doing things right now. I don't know how long this flare up of my fibromyalgia will last, but I pray it won't be long. I'm hurting too much to do anything except a little hand sewing. I've finished the wreath on the Ladies of the Sea block 3 but haven't started the ship in the center yet.

There are a lot of grapes and grape leaves in this block. The wreath on block 4 is also pretty involved. I have some of it stitched down and the rest is just basted. I replaced the fabric I got in the kit for the bluebonnets for some hand-dyed gradated fabric I've been saving. I really like the effect.

Usually I just work on one block at a time until it's finished, but I'm trying a couple now so that I can spend more time basting or appliqueing and less time switching between the two. So far, it's working out better. Both these blocks are in serious need of an iron!

I haven't done much other sewing so I thought I'd share some cute pictures with you. Here's a picture of my cat Moses by our back door. Can you see the creature on the glass?

Unless you have exceptional eyes, it's difficult to tell it's a tiny orange frog. Don't worry, Moses didn't notice it at first either.

Finally it catches her attention. Unfortunately for her, it's on the outside of the glass and as hard as she tries, she can't catch it. Here's a close up of the little bugger. Cute isn't he?

And finally I'll leave you with this picture of Gabriel in my chair. This is the chair I do my hand-sewing in. She's seemed a little down lately and has been sleeping a lot. I hope she perks up soon. I hate to think she's not feeling well.

Until next time, may God bless you and yours! Dee

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