Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hatch and Windows - Take 2...

My first finish of the year is a QOV top.  The pattern is Mystery 26 from the Yahoo Group Mystery Quilts 4 Military.  This is the second quilt I've made using this pattern.  The first one I ended up giving my parents for Christmas and I made this one as a replacement to donate.

Hatch and Windows - Take 2
This was the first version I made (that my parents now own)...

Hatch and Windows (Original Version)
To be honest, I really like the colors in both versions.  I'm also quilting a red, white and blue one that a friend made and it's beautiful as well.  I think I just really like the pattern.  It's basically made up of 2 blocks...

Blocks for Hatch and Windows Quilts
For the new quilt, I just went with a simple set of borders, because I didn't have enough of the background fabric to make the diamond border in the original.  I think it looks fine both ways though.

Simple border treatment
I'm going to try to get this quilted quickly so we can get them in to the hands of soldiers as soon as possible.  I have to finish quilting the RWB version first though.

Sam has been putting on a little winter weight lately and I've had to restrict her food some.  Can you see how happy she is about it?

Here's hoping the scales are treating you a little better than her!

Until later...

The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.
Proverbs 11:24 (Msg)


  1. I like both versions. I especially like that it is only two blocks!

  2. Such a beautiful finish! Yes, yes... this is definitely going to be added to my 'to be made someday' list :) Thank goodness I saved all the files.

  3. Love this quilt. Must add it to my to do list.