Monday, April 12, 2010

Not much sewing now...

but I did get a new iron yesterday.  It's a Rowenta this time.  I've tried out 2 of them owned by ladies in my quilting bee and loved them!  I've gone through iron after iron after iron, but they never seem to get hot enough or press very well.  My new iron is much heavier so I'm hoping that will make the difference.  I'm also hoping I get a chance to actually try it out today.  (Even though I'm not doing the bathroom demolition myself, I still seem to be swamped with non-quilting related things.)  I read lots of reviews online and the consensus with the Rowenta irons seems to be that it needs to be 'Made in Germany' and not 'Made in China'.  The irons are manufactured in both locations, but the ones from China have a bunch of issues.  Luckily my JoAnn's carries the Germany one.

I'm hoping to get some work done on this Spider Web quilt soon...

I needed a kaleidoscope ruler to cut the wedges and after a bit of searching, found one at JoAnn's.  I was also looking for the darker blue fabric there to use as the outer border because I ran out.  I'm sure I bought it there, but couldn't find it.  In desperation, I bought this print instead...

I hope it'll work because I bought enough for a fussy cut border, binding and backing.  Thearica, over at the HGTV Quilting & Needlework Forum is hosting a UFO challenge for April 12th - May 12th and I've entered this project as my one to finish.  The prize is one of her husband's beautiful handturned wooden pens.

While I was out looking for the Kaleidoscope ruler, I happened to find a couple of charm packs that needed to come home with me - Rural Jardin by French General and Frolic by Sandy Gervais.  (The fat quarter is a birthday gift for a friend.)

On another note, I don't know if I've ever mentioned what a little thief my cat Moses is...

(I love how she crosses her paws.)

Each night she sneaks into my sewing room and steals various items - usually fabric.  I have a couple of ziploc bags set aside for her to take so that she'll leave the important stuff alone.  Recently she found a 10 foot tape measure and has been dragging it around the house.  I've found it draped over the sofa, wrapped around furniture and almost everywhere else.  And last night, I heard a slithering sound and looked up just in time to see her dragging it through the kitchen.  I so wish I could have gotten a picture of that!

(Her haul from last night.)

Until later...

"Be still and know that I am God."
Psalm 46:10
(one of my very favorite quotes from the bible)

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