Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More random thoughts...

Still not much quilting recently.  Most of my time is being spent with home improvement projects/errands.  If you stop by Home Depot or Lowes, you're likely to spot me with a confused look on my face.  Mr. Quilting Bug sends me there to pick up items for the ongoing renovation and usually I have no idea what they are or where to find them.  But the people in both these stores are very helpful.  My only problem is when they ask me questions about the items and the answers are not written on the list.  Anyone know what '10 penny' nails are?  And that 10d is code for '10 penny' on the box?  Well, now we both do.

I could share some pictures of the renovation, but it's still bare studs.   Mr. Quilting Bug is doing the electrical work right now, so although it doesn't look like much progress is happening, I know he's working hard.  And of course, we have to stop and make sure we're putting all the outlets and lights right where we need them.  So I thought I'd share a picture of the view from my bath tub.  

I love the view, especially the rock wall that Mr. Quilting Bug built last year.  (He is so handy.)  But it's a shame that this window is at the front of our house.  As soon as the reno is done, some privacy film is going up on these windows.  I'll have to admire the view from a different window.

Speaking of windows, I've also been busy installing window film in our sun room.  Well, I've only put it on one window so far, but we're trying to see if we like it before I go to all the effort for the rest of them.  FYI - we have 12 double hung windows in our sun room and kitchen plus french doors to the back deck.  That's a lot of windows to cover.

I'm using the Gila Platinum Film to cover these windows.  It's supposed to block UV rays, keep it much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  We have a southern exposure, so during the hottest part of the summer, I have to keep the roman shades drawn and it's still unusable in here.  According to testimonials, this film is supposed to change all of that.

I applied the film to the lower portion of the window on the left.  You can see it's slightly darker than the one on the right and it's more reflective.  I think we both like it and so I'll continue to cover the other windows as I find time.  (It took about an hour to install it on one window.)  Another benefit is that we'll get a tax credit next year on the cost.

On a quilting related note, I did finish putting together the Spider Web quilt top.  This is the one where I ran out of fabric for the border and had to pick something completely different to finish it.

Sorry for the dark picture.  I couldn't get a better one.  The quilt top is 37" square and I've already got it pin-basted.

Right now, I'm trying to decide on the quilting design for it and to finalize the quilting design for the D9-Patch quilt.  Then I'll have to actually quilt them...

I thought I'd leave you with a picture of David gazing out the back door.  Mr. Quilting Bug likes to relax on the back deck when he's done working for the day.  David would love to join him, but he can't be trusted outside.  That's also why he wears a bell...

Until later...

"My God shall supply all of your needs."
Philippians 4:19

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