Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finished another project!

I managed to finish the mini quilt I was making for my secret sister. I mentioned earlier that she was going through I rough time, but I found out yesterday that she'll be in the hospital for another 2-3 weeks! I started cutting the fabric for this quilt on Tuesday night and sewed and quilted it on Wednesday. All told, it probably only took 3-4 hours to complete. I like the satisfaction you get from projects that come together quickly. I need one of those every once in a while...

I think it turned out very bright and cheery and very patriotic looking. It took 21 charm squares to make this quilt (excepting the border of course). Each block is 3". I also used the leftover fabric from the tote bag for the backing.

I only quilted in the ditch on this mini quilt because the fabrics are so busy, you wouldn't be able to see it anyway.

This past week I've also been sewing together a ton of pet bandanas. I had cut them all out a couple of years ago and then got sidetracked. I'm now determined to finish all these projects just lying around and have been stitching them whenever I get a chance. There are actually 5 different sizes for a total of probably 250 bandanas. I still have to turn them all right side out, iron them and stitch down the tops for the collars to slip through. However, I'm very happy that I've at least got all of them stitched together. Here's a picture of the largest size ones.

You may wonder why I'm making these. That's a good question. Initially I was going to sell them on ebay. But now I'm thinking I might donate them to raise money for spaying/neutering pets. There are so many animals out there having litter after litter. That's why my parents now have 6 cats living in their garage. And there aren't enough people to adopt and care for all these cats and dogs. I'd love to adopt them all, but that isn't feasible. If I find that I can raise more money by selling them myself, I may resort to that and just donate the money to the charity. I'll decide when they're done. Until later, stay cool!

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